Adaptive yoga might help traumatic brain injury patients

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Rehabilitation methods and ways to improve life after a traumatic brain injury are the subjects of various studies in this country. Each year, more than 1.7 million people suffer an injury to the brain. In many cases, those injuries lead to residual complications. Researchers at Indiana University-Purdue University recently studied the effects of adaptive yoga on patients who had suffered a traumatic brain injury or a stroke.

There are several areas of recovery that can benefit from doing adaptive yoga. It is possible that it can help with walking speed, balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength. The benefits in these areas after the traumatic brain injury were noted to be increased when adaptive yoga was used instead of traditional exercise programs.

The reason for the increase is thought to be because of the integration of the spirit, mind, and body that are used during yoga routines. Essentially, it is thought that the adaptive yoga helps to reconnect the mind-body connection that might have been severed or altered because of the brain injury.

While the study included only three patients, the patients did seem to think that the adaptive yoga enabled them to reclaim their freedom as much as possible. The adaptive yoga program lasted eight weeks for the study.

Some people with a traumatic brain injury might find that rehab programs after the injury aren’t long enough to fully help with the effects of the injury. Adaptive yoga might provide a way to keep up with the positive effects that you noticed in rehab. If your brain injury wasn’t your fault, you might want to seek compensation for the injury so that you can afford the therapy options in Ohio that help you.

Source: News-Medical, “Adapted yoga feasible, beneficial for adults with stroke or traumatic brain injury,” Feb. 23, 2016


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