Amnesia can be a very complex brain injury complication

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Memory loss is a problem that is often associated with aging; however, it can also be a symptom of a brain injury. When the memory loss is caused by a brain injury it is known as amnesia.

Many movies and television shows portray amnesia to be severe. Most of these movies and shows portray retrograde amnesia, which affects the memories of the past before the accident. That is actually the least common form of amnesia.

The most common form of amnesia is anterograde amnesia, which affects the ability to remember new information. People with this type of amnesia usually remember events that happened before the accident, but have trouble remembering events that recently happened.

Amnesia can be either temporary or permanent; however, it is almost impossible to determine which of those will apply to any specific case. Instead, a person who has amnesia will need to go through therapy to see if something can trigger the lost memory function. In addition, he or she will usually have to learn coping methods to help remember things like instructions or vital information.

For people who suffer from amnesia, life can be very scary. It isn’t necessarily impossible to function, but a lot of basic skills might need to be relearned.

The sad fact is that some people who suffer from amnesia might find that the cost of treatments and therapies prohibitively exorbitant. If the brain injury was the result of negligence by another person, the victim might opt to pursue a claim for compensation in Ohio. Covering treatment costs and helping with therapy costs are two possible ways that compensation might help.

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