Are you familiar with these motorcycle head safety statistics?

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Motorcycle accidents occur every day in states throughout the country. Even though there is no way to prevent every accident, there are steps all drivers can take to make the roads a safer place.

As a motorcyclist, you need to understand what you can do to improve your safety. By taking a few simple steps, you have less of a chance of being involved in an accident.

Here are some motorcycle safety statistics that will help you better understand what you should be doing:

— In 2013 alone, the use of motorcycle helmets saved approximately 1,630 lives.

— Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69 percent and the risk of death by 37 percent.

— If all motorcyclists in the United States would wear a helmet, the country could save approximately $1.1 billion in economic costs.

If you are required to wear a motorcycle helmet in your state, you have no choice but to put this safety device on before you hit the road. Here is something else to remember: Even if you are not legally required to wear a helmet, you should do so, anyway. This will lessen the likelihood of a head injury or death if you are involved in an accident.

These motorcycle head safety statistics should prove that wearing a helmet at all times is a must.

Driving a motorcycle is a great joy, but only if you avoid trouble on the road. A helmet won’t protect you from all injuries, but it will keep your head safe in the event of an accident.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Motorcycle Safety,” accessed Jan. 18, 2016


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