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Regeneration of central nervous system and brain being studied

People who suffer from a severe traumatic brain injury can sometimes end up being classified as being brain dead. This term means that biological functions have stopped; however, electrical activities might still occur. Those electrical activities include the ability to grow, digest foods, circulate blood, gestate a baby, excrete waste,

Glucose use by the brain can indicate brain injury recovery

New developments regarding diagnosing and treating brain injuries are being made at a rapid pace. As researchers work to understand these injuries, some very interesting information is coming to light. In a recent study, it was found that measuring brain’s consumption of glucose can help to predict a patient’s awareness

What causes fatal car accidents?

In the United States, thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents every year. Unfortunately, many people also pass away as the result of injuries in such as crash. As a driver, you need to do your best to make all the right decisions on the road. This is

Reasons why spring driving is so dangerous

When it comes to spring driving in Ohio, you may be excited about the fact that the snow is in the past. You no longer have to concern yourself with snow, ice, and sleet making your life miserable as a driver. But remember that there are still dangers associated with


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