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Knee replacement may cause more pain, not less

More than a million people each year undergo knee replacement surgery. As of 2012, at least 4.5 million people had at least one knee replaced. A total or partial knee replacement uses an artificial joint to replace diseased bone and relieve the patient’s pain. Most knee replacement procedures are undertaken

How hierarchy in hospitals causes medical errors

The findings of an international study show that nurses and support staff are sometimes hesitant to voice their concerns when they see something wrong during surgery, resulting in surgical errors that cause serious injury and death. This has prompted a team of Australian researchers to develop and test ways to

Health outcome disparity in the U.S., Ohio and Franklin County

Medical Errors Are Not the Only Cause of Negative health Outcomes Medical outcomes vary in the United States depending on location, race and ethnicity. A 2014 report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, titled “National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report,” stated that, “Overall quality and racial/ethnic disparities varied

Food poisoning in Ohio

There have been several outbreaks of different types of food poisoning in Chipotle restaurants across the United States. There are at least a dozen Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants in the Columbus, Ohio, region and many more throughout the state. Although it is unclear exactly how many people became sick across

Does alcohol consumption affect motorcyclists?

With the warmer-than-normal weather that Ohio has been experiencing recently, motorcyclists have the opportunity to spend more time of the roadways than normal. Since the holiday season is upon us, it is critical that any motorcyclist who is out riding uses proper safety protocol. This is especially true if the


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