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Why do Ohio truck accidents happen?

If you spend any time driving through the state of Ohio, you know you will be sharing the road with plenty of trucks. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is important to realize that truckers are involved in thousands of accidents nationwide every year. From tractor trailers to

What should I do after an Ohio truck accident?

We have often discussed accidents on this blog. That might have some of our Ohio readers wondering what they should do if they have been in an accident. There are several points our readers should consider after being involved in an accident. Who should I talk to after the accident?

Understanding Ohio brain injuries

It doesn’t matter if you live in Ohio or another part of the country, nothing changes the fact that a brain injury could turn your life upside down. There are many things that can cause a brain injury, such as a slip and fall accident or a motor vehicle crash.

How should you approach spinal cord injuries?

Any type of accident, including a slip and fall or vehicle collision, could cause a spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, medical professionals have yet to find a way to reverse the impact of a spinal cord injury. Even though it is impossible to reverse this type of injury, there are treatment


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