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Man charged in Ohio motorcycle accident

Every year throughout the state of Ohio, people are involved in motorcycle accidents. Some make a mistake while on their bike, leading to injury or death. Others, however, are involved in an accident when the driver of another vehicle acts in a negligent manner. A 38-year-old man has been charged

Why are Ohio motorcycle accidents so often fatal?

For motorcycle riders, there is almost nothing more frightening than the thought of being involved in an accident. This is partially because of the severity of the injuries that can be suffered in an Ohio motorcycle accident. For motorcycle riders, injuries are five times more likely to occur than for

What are common causes of Ohio truck accidents?

There reasons for truck accidents in Ohio are varied. Some may be unavoidable due to inclement weather conditions that cause dangerous road conditions. In some cases, passenger vehicle drivers are to blame. In others, it is the driver of the truck who should be blamed for the accident and subsequent


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