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Ohio motorcycle accident sends 1 person to hospital

Every day throughout Ohio, people jump on their motorcycle for a number of reasons. Some people commute on their bike to and from work, while others are simply on the road enjoying their life. However, motorcycles are often involved in accidents and with tragic results. A recent accident in Aberdeen

Ohio designates Safe Driving Awareness Month

Ohio car accidents are more common than they should be, because many of these are the result of a distracted driver, speeding or drinking and driving. Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently signed a bill designating every September to be Safe Driving Awareness Month throughout the state. Nine months after a

Ohio car accidents in GM vehicle may be more dangerous

Ohio car accidents are common, from Columbus to Cleveland everywhere in between. While some are the result of a driver mistake, others are caused by a defective vehicle. According to research of government fatal crash data, a minimum of 74 people have died in accidents while driving in a General

Lawsuit: Surgeon’s morcellator spread deadly cancer

A woman recently filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the Storz Rotocut Morcellator, claiming that the surgical device spread deadly cancer throughout her abdomen. The plaintifff had no history of endometrial cancer before her hysterectomy in April 2013, but doctors detected the cancer throughout her abdomen soon after the

Lawsuit: Ohio woman’s STD diagnosis posted on Facebook

Hospitals and their staff owe patients a duty to keep their medical records confidential. According to a recent lawsuit, the University of Cincinnati Medical Center is liable for breaching this duty. The female plaintifff is seeking more than $25,000 in damages. The lawsuit centers around a Facebook post that the


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