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Driver arrested for fatal truck accident that killed 2

Federal marshals have arrested a truck driver for his involvement in a six-vehicle accident approximately a year ago that ended the lives of two people and injured a number of others. The fiery collision has resulted in charges of criminal recklessness, reckless homicide and involuntary manslaughter being lodged against the

Woman names multiple facilities and doctors in lawsuit

Though the standard of care is generally high in hospitals throughout the nation, residents of Franklin, Ohio, probably realize that mistakes can happen anywhere. In a medical setting, mistakes can range from purposeful neglect to failure to diagnose the right medical condition. When patients are injured as a result of

Woman from Kenton sues over son’s death

If you’ve been to Lima, Ohio, you might be interested in hearing about this medical malpractice case that was recently launched against three doctors who allegedly didn’t deliver a baby in time to prevent his death. According to the news report, the medical mistake resulted in the death of the


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