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New charges filed against Ohio spine surgeon

Regular readers may remember a story posted here in July about an Ohio spine surgeon who was facing federal charges for health care fraud, as well as civil lawsuits by more than 160 patients who claim he subjected them to unnecessary and sometimes harmful surgeries. A new federal indictment has

Hospitals may keep secrets about mistakes

Franklin readers probably have had to deal with a minor medical mistake at some point in their lives. Most people do. But what would you think if you found out that your hospital was keeping a number of mistakes quiet while you suffered from them? Have you ever wondered why

Hit and run driver kills 5-year-old boy

A 5-year-old boy walking with another child, an older cousin, to a school bus stop on a Friday morning in Cleveland, Ohio, was struck down and killed by a vehicle driven by a hit and run driver who reportedly callously drove away. Hit and run accidents are among the most

Experts say cardiac stents linked to death

In the last ten years, surgeons across the United States implanted cardiac stents in over 7 million people, touting their ability to boost the flow of blood and treat heart disease. However, the families of many of these patients and other advocates have accused such physicians of misusing stents and

Crackdown on some Ohio reckless drivers

Three Ohio law enforcement agencies are the recipients of federal grant money to pay for police overtime to crackdown on reckless driving behaviors that frequently result in Ohio car accidents that injure or kill motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. The money was parceled out by the state Department of Public Safety


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