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Couple sues over medical malpractice

This news may interest those in Franklin, as it involves St. Francis Hospital in Ohio. According to the report, a West Virginian couple is suing a physician at the hospital for alleged medical malpractice related to a failure to diagnose a potentially damaging abscess pressing on the patient’s spinal cord.

West Virginia couple sues radiologists for malpractice

Those in Franklin, Ohio, will be interested to hear about this doctor’s mistake that led to the suffering of his paying patient. According to reports, the female patient filed a complaint on June 28 in the Kanawha Circuit Court that stated the doctor and his colleagues had incorrectly interpreted a

Truck accident kills 2 and severely injures 2

A truck driver who rear-ended a motorist in Ohio earlier in the year in a “road rage” incident has now been involved in a truck accident that left two people dead and two people severely injured. His semi-truck hit another truck, as well as four pedestrians and another pickup that


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