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Spinal Cord Trauma Study Provides Hope For Accident Victims

A new medical study appears to have made progress in understanding tissue damage following an acute spinal cord injury. Scientists used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study damage patterns in the months following the spinal trauma. They discovered that irreversible tissue loss occurred in the spinal cord within 40 days

Ohio State campus bus kills bicycle rider

An Ohio State campus bus driven by a 21-year-old male student recently struck and killed a 65-year-old male bicycle rider close to the intersection of Summit Street and Chittenden Avenue in Columbus. The bicyclist was hospitalized for his injuries and died later that same day. Bicyclists are frequently involved in

Motorist whose car killed teen jailed

A male motorist whose car crashed into another vehicle, killing its teen driver, has been sentenced to three months in jail. He will be allowed out part of the time on work release as part of a deal worked out with the prosecution. The motorist, who was also a teenager

Hospital Nearly Harvested Organs From Living Patient

In 2009, a young woman was admitted to a New York hospital after overdosing on a combination of pharmaceutical drugs. Despite showing signs of life, such as curling her toes and demonstrating resistance to being placed on a ventilator, the patient was declared dead and the hospital staff prepared to

Family wins $15 million medical error judgment

A court recently awarded $15.2 million in damages to the family of a girl who was severely injured and effectively rendered incapable of caring for herself after a doctor failed to warn her against an over-the-counter nasal spray that would likely have disastrous consequences for the young girl, who had


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