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Preeclampsia and Downton Abbey

Spoiler alert: If you are one of the millions of American Downton Abbey fans and have yet to watch the most recent episode, this post will contain spoilers about a surprising twist. Now in its third season, Downton Abbey scarcely requires introduction. The incredibly popular PBS show, an import from

Parents Win Case Against Inexperienced Midwives

The parents of a Midwestern woman recently received a $100 million verdict in their wrongful death case against one midwife, the woman’s husband, and others involved in her botched home birth. This case is a sad example of how important it is to choose a careful and experienced midwife to

Dirty Needles Sicken Thousands Of Americans Every Year

The medical profession started using disposable syringes several decades ago, recognizing that the risks of contamination with reusable syringes are easy to avoid. However, according to a new investigative report, contaminated syringes still affect many people in Ohio and around the nation. Statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Dangerously Overworked: How Busy Is Your Doctor?

Like any other job, heavy workloads make it much easier for doctors to make serious mistakes. A recent survey asked doctors about what they see happening when hospitals pack too many inpatient treatment responsibilities into their shifts. The results highlight far too many opportunities for dangerous mistakes. This survey contacted


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