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Lab Error Leads to Wrongful Birth Lawsuit: Part 1

Sometimes a failure to diagnose a devastating illness can result in what is known as a wrongful birth. A married couple is embarking on a difficult and heart-wrenching wrongful birth claim against a genetic-testing company who told them their unborn child was not afflicted with the disease known as Cooley’s

Hospital Staff Often Fails to Report Mistakes: Part 2

As discussed in the previous post, a recent report by federal investigators found that too many errors and accidents that harm Medicare patients are going unreported in hospitals around the country, including in Ohio. These adverse events include bedsores, hospital-acquired infections, and harm caused by overuse or improper use of medications.

Hospital Staff Often Fails to Report Mistakes: Part 1

Children call them boo-boos, uh-ohs or oopsies. Many people simply know them as mistakes. Hospitals, whether they are in Ohio or in any other state, refer to them as adverse events. These “adverse events” can be serious as they include getting the wrong medications, developing bedsores, and acquiring preventable or


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