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The dangers of inducing labor too early

As we have discussed in earlier posts, there is a growing trend toward deliberately delivering infants before they are full term. Now, the March of Dimes has instituted a new campaign to help educate doctors and mothers about the risks of inducing labor prior to 39 weeks. The campaign, known

Family says vacuum procedure caused birth injury

The family of an eleven-year-old boy has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and doctors involved in his birth. The boy continues to suffer from seizures, developmental delays and chronic headaches. The family claims that the boy’s medical problems were caused by the unnecessary and negligent use of

Court allows wrongful birth case to proceed

Many potential birth defects and serious genetic disorders can now be diagnosed relatively soon after conception. In the case of some genetic problems tests may even reveal a serious potential risk simply by testing the potential parents before a pregnancy has even begun. Knowledge of these serious medical issues allows

Yale study examines increasing rate of C-sections

Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine are examining the reasons behind the increasing frequency with which pregnant woman are undergoing c-section deliveries. About half of the increase was attributed to pregnancies in which the woman had a prior c-section delivery a situation that may call for subsequent births to


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