Baby injured during delivery due to a lack of oxygen in the womb

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Franklin, Ohio, readers might be interested in this news about the Los Angeles County Board approving a $7.5 million payout to a toddler with a brain injury. According to the news, the child suffered the brain injury during birth at a county-run hospital.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the 18-month-old boy for the injuries he suffered when his mother’s uterus ruptured during labor. When that happened, the baby was deprived of the necessary oxygen during delivery. The lawsuit claims that this injury was preventable, because the child’s mother went to the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center because of severe abdominal pain, but a medical resident discharged her. The woman was 39 weeks pregnant and staying in a homeless shelter at the time. She came back just 12 hours later for an emergency C-section, according to the reports.

During the 14 hours the woman was at the hospital, it is believed that none of the three attending obstetricians saw her. Her attorney claims that this is because they wanted to get rid of her and didn’t think she was in enough pain. The settlement does mean that the Medical Board will have to investigate the incident. This settlement also includes over $300,000 for the baby’s medical care costs, according to the news, and it provides enough money for the mother to purchase a house and 24-hour care for her child.

In this case, this child could have been delivered safely, if the story is found to be true after the medical board’s investigation. If you’ve been hurt by negligence in a hospital setting, you, too, may be able to seek compensation to help you pay for medical care and other needs you have due to your injuries.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Los Angeles County Settles $7.5M Medical Malpractice Suit” No Author Given, Nov. 07, 2013


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