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February 2011 Archives

Pregnant woman dies of H1N1 flu, infant in critical condition

Just a few weeks ago, on the 11th of February, a pregnant woman who already had a three-year-old son checked into a medical center with what she thought was a bad cold. The 25 year-old woman was having trouble breathing, she was later diagnosed with the H1N1 flu and transported to a regional hospital. She succumbed to the virus and passed away on Monday, ten days after she first decided to seek medical attention.

FDA warns of dangers of drug used to prevent premature birth

Terbutaline is a popular treatment used by doctors in an attempt to help pregnant women carry a pregnancy to full term. But the Food and Drug Administration is now requiring that the drug carry a "black box warning" indicating that the drug carries a serious risk of serious or life threatening side effects. According to the FDA, terbutaline has the potential to cause "serious maternal heart problems and death."

Study indicates cancer drug reduces blindness in premature babies

Approximately 50,000 people worldwide are blind because they were born prematurely before their eyes had fully developed. This condition known as "retinopathy of prematurity" (ROP) is the cause of singer Stevie Wonder's blindness. A new U.S. study shows that the cancer drug Avastin could help save the eyesight of many infants afflicted with this condition.

'Continuous support' during birthing reduces adverse outcomes

A recent study finds that having a person present with the mother to provide continuous support resulted in shorter labors, fewer interventions and an overall increase in the mother's satisfaction with the birthing process. The study was a review of twenty-one clinical trials by the Cochrane Collaboration which compared outcomes for mothers who had received continuous support with those who had not.

Prenatal surgery more effective in treating Spina Bifida

A recent study indicates that prenatal surgery to address a form of spina bifida results in better outcomes for the infant compared to postnatal surgery. However the study also indicated that the prenatal surgery was not effective in all cases and that it carried increased risk of other complications including premature birth and an increased risk of death to the mother.

Study links pregnancy high blood pressure to postpartum strokes

A new study has found that women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy have an increased instance of strokes in the time period following the birth, according to a report from Reuters. The reported instance of strokes in these women was even higher when the birth was premature. While this study has added a great deal of data to researcher's understanding of this issue, it unfortunately may not provide a clear path to avoiding those strokes later on.

Some hospitals have banned photography during childbirth

In a move that is, at least partially motivated by the fear that photos and videos would end up in court during a medical malpractice case, some hospitals have begun banning cameras in delivery rooms. Photos and videos in these institutions are prohibited at least until after the baby has been delivered safely and the doctor says it is okay.

Ohio Mother sues hospital and doctors for death of infant son

An Ohio woman has filed a lawsuit against a Cleveland hospital and two doctors alleging medical malpractice related to a 2003 surgery on her infant son. The mother claims that the surgery resulted in severe brain damage and the premature death of her child.

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