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April 2012 Archives

Spanish-speaking patients often experience inferior medical care

A recent study revealed that emergency room errors are twice as likely to occur when the patient doesn't speak English. Researchers discovered that the heightened medical-error rate could easily be lowered by staffing ERs with interpreter-translators.

Midwives agree to $5M settlement of wrongful death lawsuit

In June 2008, a young couple arrived at a birthing center ready for the delivery of their baby. Birthing complications arose that necessitated swift and competent action to preserve the health of the infant. Unbelievably, the two midwives overseeing the delivery were not only ill-equipped to handle the complications; they actually obstructed paramedics from attempting to save the life of the infant, who was suffering from cerebral hypoxia.

Stroke victim recovers nearly $4M in medical malpractice lawsuit

After hearing a medical malpractice victim's sad story, a jury decided to award the woman $3.9 million in damages. While the figure seems sizable, it won't restore the victim's ability to run and play sports with her children, or even legibly write a check for their extracurricular activities.

Drug may prove helpful for treating cerebral palsy after birth

Scientists may have discovered a drug that can effectively treat infants for cerebral palsy after birth. The exciting news stems from lab tests on rabbits suffering from a condition similar to cerebral palsy. A group of newborn rabbits responded positively to the drug, showing a level of motor ability that was close to normal.

Erb's palsy victim settles birth injury lawsuit

A thirteen-year-old girl recently settled a medical malpractice claim against the hospital where she was born. In 1999, she suffered Erb's palsy during birth, leaving nerves in her shoulder severely damaged.

Cincinnati, Hamilton counties have alarming infant mortality rates

Cincinnati and Hamilton counties have infant mortality rates nearly double the national average. The shocking numbers were recently disclosed by the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, sparking both concern and embarrassment among health officials in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky.

Parties agree to $8M for fatal IV dosage error on infant patient

In 2010, an infant boy was born about four months premature. Much to the joy of the baby's parents, the hospital staff successfully leveraged modern medicine and technology to keep him alive.

Doctor-Patient Communication Impacts Health

A recent study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine that Ohio residents may be interested in examined how doctors communicate with patients. The study results show how the nonverbal component of communication, such as gestures, body position, and facial expression, can be just as important as what your doctor actually says.

Doctors must weigh risks for antidepressant use in pregnancy: Part 2

As discussed in the previous post, Ohio doctors and expecting mothers must weigh the pros and cons of treating depression with antidepressant medication during pregnancy in order to make the best decision for the health of the mother and baby.

Mother files lawsuit for baby's brain damage caused by hypoxia

Blake Hutchins suffers daily from developmental problems. The 3-year-old's speech and cognitive function lag behind that of normal children, but his mother only recently learned that his impairments are attributed to medical malpractice committed by the hospital.

Catheter punctures infant's heart; he narrowly survives operation

If good intentions carried much worth in the delivery of babies, there wouldn't be many birth injuries occurring. Doctors' hearts were in the right place when they treated a prematurely-born baby for pneumonia, but hospital staff didn't follow best practices and it almost cost the infant his life.

Nursing error results in inadvertent amputation of baby's finger

Veronica Olguin just wished she would awake from her nightmare, but, sadly, she wasn't dreaming. The mother watched in horror as a nurse accidentally cut her 3-month-old's pinky finger off. The severed pinky fell to the floor, blood started gushing and the infant, Selena, began screaming - as did the nurse.

Doctors must weigh risks for antidepressant use in pregnancy: Part 1

Reports suggest that at least six percent of pregnant women are taking antidepressants, and antidepressants have been shown to be a risk to the health of a developing child. The scientific community is currently in the midst of a debate over whether the risk that a child will be injured by antidepressant use outweighs the risk to the health of the expectant mother and baby if her depression remains untreated.

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