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May 2012 Archives

Man's Success Demonstrates Value Of Cerebral Palsy Resources

As a youngster, Demetrio McNeil was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. McNeil uses a walker and wheelchair to move around, but cerebral palsy hasn't put a damper on his ambition. He has overcome sizable obstacles and - if all goes well - he will soon receive his degree in medical billing.

Study: Diabetes Drug Has Potential Value For Treating TBI

New research shows that a drug approved for the treatment of diabetes may be valuable to victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Exendin-4 is currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use by diabetics but its spectrum of medical value may be much broader, according to research conducted by the U.S. Air Force, Tel Aviv University and the National Institute of Aging.

Doctor Only Gets 30-Day Sentence For Theft From Birth-Injury Fund

Dr. John E. Crews III should be mindful that he received a compassionate prison sentence for his heartless actions. The physician was found guilty of embezzling $17,000 from a fund created to help children with neurological birth injuries, but he only received a month-long prison sentence for his outrageous behavior.

Extra In 'Transformers 3' Settles Lawsuit For On-Set Brain Injury

In 2010, Gabriella Cedillo was excited to be part of the blockbuster film, "Transformers 3." Although she was extra, she was in a role enviable to many aspiring young actresses. Now, Cedillo is a position that nobody envies: She suffers from irreversible brain damage and mentally functions at the level of a small child.

Woman Shares Trouble-Ridden Birth Story On The Internet

One usually only hears about a birthing injury if it involves someone close to you or if the victim's family files a birth injury lawsuit. Yet, now parents can instantly share their birth stories with the world through the Internet and allow others to better prepare for potential difficulties in their upcoming birth. Days ago, one woman shared her story and it contains plenty of instances where medical negligence may have occurred.

Concussions 101: Understanding The Trauma-Induced Brain Injury

Most concussion-related discussions seem to center on the National Football League (NFL). Somehow, most people overlook the grim reality that youths who play football for fun - not money - are at just as great a risk of suffering a concussion.

New Medical Study Reveals Potential Indicator Of Pre-Eclampsia

A team of Australian scientists recently made an important discovery regarding the pregnancy-related disease pre-eclampsia. The doctors conducted a medical study of women who suffered from pre-eclampsia and found that the infants they carried had significantly smaller thymuses than babies whose mothers had no serious pregnancy complications. The thymus is a gland that helps develop children's immune systems.

Man Overcomes Cerebral Palsy; Teams Up With Father In Triathlons

Johnny Agar always wanted to be an athlete. As the son of a former Detroit Tigers prospect, Agar has always been drawn to sports. The 18-year-old has ambitions to be a sportscaster someday but he's never had realistic aspirations of playing professional sports; Agar has cerebral palsy.

Pregnant Woman Facing A Lifetime Of Pain For 'Miracle Baby'

Debbie Mills, 23, was told she would never be able to get pregnant after being diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). This condition is as cruel as it is rare, forcing the victim to endure a lifetime of excruciating pain from the slightest of injuries - even past injuries that are fully healed.

Jury: Misread Ultrasound Resulted In Baby's Cerebral Palsy

In August 2008, a woman visited the hospital because of pregnancy complications. An obstetrician performed an ultrasound and - much to the mother's horror - concluded the baby was dead. About an hour later, a different hospital staff member conducted a follow-up ultrasound and discovered that the infant had a heartbeat.

Man Running In Mini-Marathon Despite Cerebral Palsy

Brian Heyburn got a rough start to life. A doctor improperly administered an epidural during his C-section birth. The serious error caused Heyburn to suffer cerebral palsy, and he spent his early childhood growing up at a center for children with special needs.

Ex-NFL Players' Suicides Fuel Debate On Football Brain Injuries

This morning, football fans awoke to the shocking news that former National Football League star Junior Seau had died in an apparent suicide. Although few details have been divulged, the former linebacker's death resulted from a gunshot to the chest - purportedly self-inflicted. His ex-wife told the media that she and her children had received text messages from Seau shortly before his death, stating that he loved them.

Wheelchair-Bound Girl Awarded $17.5 Million For Birth Injuries

An 11-year-old girl has finally secured compensation for the birth injuries she suffered in March, 2001. The award signified the end of a long legal battle where the hospital admitted to negligence but contested the value of the victim's claim.

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