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September 2012 Archives

Sleep Apnea And Obesity May Lead To Pregnancy And Neonatal Risks

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that causes people to stop breathing for intermittent periods while sleeping. Although sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed, a study concluded that it raises big risks for some expectant mothers here in Ohio and around the country. These risks include preeclampsia and post-birth intensive care hospitalization.

Soccer And Concussions: New Lawsuit Highlights Dangers

In news that will fail to surprise many Ohio parents, a soccer player recently filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit after sustaining serious brain injuries. Soccer can be a very dangerous sport, in large part because of the fast pace and lack of protective headgear. When players collide, devastating traumatic brain injuries can easily result.

Study Links Premature Birth To Pregnancy Complications Later

Potential complications are a big source of worry for expectant mothers. A new study concludes that some mothers are born at significantly higher risk than others. Women who were born premature face a much higher rate of pregnancy complications than mothers who were themselves carried to full term. Ohio birth injury lawyers often see serious harms result from complications when doctors fail to respond appropriately.

Gordon Douglas Evans II Named To 'Best Lawyers In America, 2013'

The Donahey Law Firm's Gordon Douglas Evans II was recently named one of the "Best Lawyers in America" in the area of medical malpractice. The firm would like to recognize and congratulate attorney Evans for this remarkable achievement. 

Investigation: Dislodged Breathing Tube Apparently Killed Newborn

Premature births can give rise to numerous complications for families here in Ohio and around the world. Like many premature infants, one newborn required a breathing tube after being born nearly three months early. That baby died after a severe oxygen starvation-related brain injury earlier this year and an investigation concluded that a dislodged breathing tube was probably at fault.

Ohio Transplant Program Violated State Standards Before Accident

Last month, an Ohio medical facility botched an organ transplant when a nurse threw the donated kidney away with medical waste. The surgical error wasted the valuable donated organ and delayed the intended recipient's transplant. News sources are now reporting on a history of problems at the facility, including a dramatically high rate of fatal transplant failures.

Possible Home Birth Midwife Error Hospitalizes Infant And Mother

Although some Ohio mothers choose to give birth at home or in specialized birth centers, families should be aware that big risks can still exist. Birth injuries and complications can easily send mothers and newborns to the hospital after all.

Little League Baseball Brain Injury Ends In $14.5M Settlement

A controversial brain injury lawsuit recently ended with a settlement agreement. The suit involved devastating injuries sustained by a boy during a youth baseball game. The victim was playing pitcher when the batter crushed the ball, sending it right into his chest. The force caused the boy's heart to seize and he was deprived of oxygen for 15 to 20 minutes, according to his attorney.

Study: Rise In Antihypertensive Drugs During Pregnancy

About 6 to 8 percent of women experience high blood pressure during pregnancy, or gestational hypertension. Doctors must closely monitor pregnant women with high blood pressure because it is associated with a variety of serious health conditions manifesting in both the infant and mother, such as preeclampsia and premature birth.

Massive Settlement Closes Case Over Improperly Marketed Drugs

Johnson & Johnson reached a settlement deal with 36 states, ending a case alleging that it improperly marketed Risperdal and Invega for unapproved uses. The $181 million settlement is the largest agreement to come from a multistate consumer protection pharmaceutical case. Settlements like this demonstrate a lack of tolerance for marketing practices that risk dangerous medication or prescription errors.

Nurse Steals Patients' Painkillers, Causes Bacterial Infections

A nurse is facing criminal charges after stealing intravenous (IV) painkillers from patients and causing harmful bacterial contamination in the process. Blake D. Zenner, 42, has admitted to allegations that he stole Dilaudid intended for patients and then concealed his crime by adding saline to IV bags.

New Study Finds Traffic Pollution Increases Pre-Eclampsia Risk

Australian researchers announced the results of a new study this week, concluding that exposure to traffic pollution can raise pre-eclampsia risks by as much as 33 percent. Pre-eclampsia affects late-term pregnant mothers and involves dangerously high blood pressure that can lead to a number of birth complications, injuries, or even death.

Study: High Rate Of Misdiagnosis-Related Fatalities In ICU Units

Johns Hopkins University released a new study that shows a surprisingly high rate of diagnosis errors in ICU deaths. The study claims that more than a quarter of ICU deaths involved a failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis.

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