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December 2012 Archives

Sepsis: Hospitals Finally Start Confronting A Hidden Killer

Sepsis has evaded hospital attention for far too long. Although it kills more people than breast cancer, strokes and lung cancer combined, hospitals often miss early sepsis warning signs and respond too late to save patients. As a result, sepsis is a leading cause of hospital deaths.

Study: Big Potential Anesthesia Risks For Infants and Toddlers

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia issued a statement last week to address new research about the risks of anesthesia for infants and small children. Although many newborns require surgeries early in life to correct dangerous conditions, new studies linked anesthesia at young ages to potentially serious cognitive difficulties at later ages.

Another Study Shows High Rate Of Severe Surgical Mistakes

Hospitals use the term "never event" to refer to unacceptable surgical mistakes. "Never events" include mistakenly forgetting a surgical instrument inside a patient's body (known as a "foreign retained object"), performing the wrong procedure, or operating on the wrong body part.

Placenta Accreta: With More C-Sections, More Risks

One of the big findings from the Centers for Disease Control's new research on the sharp rise in delivery complications in the United States involves mothers who give birth via c-section. With more mothers either choosing or requiring c-sections, the chances of dangerous complications have increased dramatically.

Dramatic Increase in Post-Delivery Complications, Part 2

Our last post introduced alarming new research from the Centers for Disease Control. This data showed sharp increases in the rates of life-threatening maternal complications, both during and after delivery. With this data in hand, hospitals and health experts are taking a new look at ways to prevent complications from harming Ohio mothers.

Dramatic Increase in Post-Delivery Complications, Part 1

Ohio mothers may enjoy relatively good healthcare compared to many parts of the world. A new study from the federal Centers for Disease Control, however, concluded that the rate of severe post-delivery complications has increased dramatically in Ohio and the rest of the United States in the past decade.

Retinopathy of Prematurity: Government Recognizes Severity

Premature births can cause a number of dangerous conditions. One of these risks is a condition known as retinopathy of prematurity or ROP. ROP is an eye disease that results from developmental problems with the blood vessels that line the retina. In serious cases, ROP can cause permanent blindness.

Study Reveals High Risk of Errors by Distracted Young Surgeons

Our society often equates age with competence - when it comes to surgery and medical malpractice, that may be a fair assumption. A new study from a surgical journal looked at young surgeons and found a disturbingly high rate of serious errors in simulated procedures.

#nikeletter: Nike's Uplifting Cerebral Palsy Request, Part 2

Our last post introduced the story of a young man with cerebral palsy. After years of struggling with the everyday obstacles that affect cerebral palsy sufferers in Ohio and throughout the country, this boy wrote a letter to Nike. His letter explained the frustration of being unable to tie his own shoes and asked the company's CEO for a custom pair of Nikes.

Room for Improvement: Safety Initiative Cuts Birth Injury Rates

The first results of a two-year perinatal safety initiative shows that better hospital practices can sharply reduce many preventable birth injuries. By finding that hospitals can avoid as many as 30 percent of these injuries, the study shows that Ohio can make big progress in the near future. Given the potentially severe consequences of birth injuries, there is no excuse for failing to implement similar strategies at hospitals around the country.

#nikeletter: Nike's Uplifting Cerebral Palsy Request, Part 1

As many Ohio parents know, life with cerebral palsy is often filled with difficult obstacles. Physical impairments can turn even everyday tasks into frustrating challenges. For one young boy with cerebral palsy, a heartfelt request for help with one of the most basic of everyday activities turned into a national sensation and a custom pair of Nikes.

A Simple Way For Doctors To Help Preemies' Develop?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued an opinion with a surprisingly simple way to help raise the chances that premature babies will develop healthily. Based on a number of studies, the organization recommended waiting between 30 seconds and a minute before clamping an umbilical cord.

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