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January 2013 Archives

Dangerously Overworked: How Busy Is Your Doctor?

Like any other job, heavy workloads make it much easier for doctors to make serious mistakes. A recent survey asked doctors about what they see happening when hospitals pack too many inpatient treatment responsibilities into their shifts. The results highlight far too many opportunities for dangerous mistakes.

'The Bachelor' Draws Attention To An Unusual In-Utero Injury, Pt. 2

Our last post introduced a type of in-utero injury known as amniotic band syndrome. This condition occurs when fibrous strands break away from the amniotic sac and entwine around a fetus's limbs or fingers. The strands can constrict blood flow enough to amputate or severely damage the limb or digits.

Drunk Drilling: Dentist Caught Drinking While Working On Patients

If anything could make a cavity drilling even less pleasant and more nerve-wracking, it might be the realization that the dentist is dangerously drunk. One dentist is facing criminal charges after his staff called police to report his on-the-job intoxication. This surprising story from New York will resonate with any Ohioan who has ever endured the nervous discomfort of a dental procedure.

'The Bachelor' Draws Attention To An Unusual In-Utero Injury, Pt. 1

Millions of TV viewers in Ohio and around the nation tuned into an unusual twist on the current season of the hit show "The Bachelor." Sarah Herron, one of the women competing to win the affections of Sean Lowe stands apart from the other contestants in an interesting way: she has only one full arm. Herron lost her other arm before birth as the result of a condition known as amniotic band syndrome. As a contestant on "The Bachelor," Herron is inspiring thousands of Americans with similar conditions.

Supreme Court Considers Birth Injury Case On Malpractice Awards

In most birth injury cases, lawsuits end with a settlement or jury verdict in favor of the victim and his or her family. A recent case has made it all the way to the United States Supreme Court. This case could help thousands of injury victims in Ohio and around the country when the Court issues its decision.

It's A Secret: How Would You Know If Your Doctor Made A Mistake?

According to a disturbing new study, hospitals and doctors almost never tell patients about medication mistakes. Dosage errors can have big consequences for patients - without information about what happened, many people may be at more risk of suffering serious harms.

Brothers Named "SportsKids" Of The Year, Despite Cerebral Palsy

Sports Illustrated Kids, the popular children's version of the famous athletics magazine, bestows an annual award to the "SportsKids of the Year." The 2012 recipients are a pair of Midwestern brothers for their triathlon achievements. Amazingly, one of the brothers is living with a cerebral palsy diagnosis.

Mother Wins £7.1 Million On Behalf Of Son With Cerebral Palsy, Pt.2

Our last post introduced the story of one British mother who recently won a 12-year battle on behalf of her son. She recovered a £7.1 million verdict from a large hospital after its midwives failed to spot a common complication that left her newborn son with cerebral palsy.

Textbook Malpractice: A Med Student's Personal Perspective On Care

Medical mistakes can happen to anyone - even the families of doctors. One young doctor observed numerous errors while her mother struggled with terminal cancer. Those experiences shaped her perspectives on patient safety, perspectives that she decided to share in the hopes of improving how hospitals respond to similar mistakes.

Mother Wins £7.1 Million On Behalf Of Son With Cerebral Palsy, Pt.1

A British mother's recent multi-million pound victory against a large hospital is an inspirational example of how justice can come out of a hard-fought fight. This mother spent more than 12 years litigating this case on her son's behalf - her £7.1 million verdict will help provide for a lifetime of care.

Dirty Needles Sicken Thousands Of Americans Every Year

The medical profession started using disposable syringes several decades ago, recognizing that the risks of contamination with reusable syringes are easy to avoid. However, according to a new investigative report, contaminated syringes still affect many people in Ohio and around the nation.

Parents Win Case Against Inexperienced Midwives

The parents of a Midwestern woman recently received a $100 million verdict in their wrongful death case against one midwife, the woman's husband, and others involved in her botched home birth. This case is a sad example of how important it is to choose a careful and experienced midwife to assist with home births.

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