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June 2013 Archives

First Steps After An Injury: Seeking Medical Record Evidence

For many victims of medical malpractice, the first days and weeks after an injury are often the most emotionally overwhelming. On top of the physical and mental toll that an injury takes on any of us, malpractice victims must consider whether their situation is the result of negligent or wrongful mistakes on the part of a doctor.

OSHA Targets Young Workers With Summer Safety Campaign

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workers under age 25 are around twice as likely to suffer an on-the-job injury. With many Ohio students starting summer jobs this month, OSHA's warnings about safety rights awareness are a timely reminder for countless families.

Bike City USA: Bicycle Safety Initiatives In Columbus

Columbus is about invest more than $5 million in a series of new initiatives to make the city more bike-friendly. In the words of Mayor Coleman, Columbus is on its way to being "Bike City USA." Perhaps surprisingly, higher numbers of bikers actually improve bike safety-several studies confirm that accident rates decline with larger biker populations.

Erbs Palsy Case Finds Midwives Liable for Errors

Many medical malpractice cases focus on the mistakes made by doctors and nurses. In addition to the professionals we traditionally associate with medical malpractice, midwives are also responsible for providing safe and effective care. When midwives fail to live up to this obligation, they can also cause serious malpractice-related harms.

Maternal Age and Special Care Considerations, Part 2

This is the second of two posts in which we are looking at new research highlighting the different health risks that exist for mothers who are either older or younger than average.

Doctor's Orders: Inside Advice For Safe Care, Part 2

This is the second of a three-post series looking at some expert recommendations for patients on safely navigating America's healthcare realities. While some medical mistakes will always occur, these tips can help patients take more control over their care.

Maternal Age and Special Care Considerations, Part 1

For many Ohio mothers, it might seem like common sense that some aspects of prenatal preparation and neonatal care depends upon the age of the mother. According to new research from the University of Dublin, this is more than common sense-it is a statistical reality.

Hands-Free Distraction: AAA Study Sounds Alarms, Part 1

When confronted with significant safety concerns about distracted driving, car companies and consumer electronics manufacturers responded with a new category of devices and products: hands-free in-vehicle communication. These devices allow drivers to use their phones by giving voice commands-dictating text messages or GPS destinations, for example.

Thyroid Problems Can Lead To Dangerous Pregnancies

Researchers recently announced the results of a significant study that looked at the impact of thyroid disorders on pregnancies. Based on the data, hypothyroidism correlates strongly with a higher risk for several dangerous birth injuries, including preeclampsia.

The Next Impairment Frontier: States Wrestle With Marijuana

Several states have legalized medical and recreational use of marijuana. Now that residents can use marijuana products legally, those states need to determine how to be sure that impairment does not become a public safety problem on the roads.

Doctor's Orders: Inside Advice For Safe Care, Part 1

With medical malpractice claims consistently high in the United States, health care quality is a serious concern for millions of people. Medical experts continuously offer advice to hospitals and physicians to help drive down the rate of serious accidents. However, patients may have more opportunity than they realize to take control of the quality of their care.

Study: Heavier Women At Higher Risk Of Pre-Term Births

One of the biggest factors that jeopardizes newborn health is the degree to which the birth occurs early. Doctors and medical professionals can effectively manage a premature delivery-but medical malpractice mistakes can significantly raise the risk of a prematurity-related birth injury.

Teenage Drivers: Celebrity Advocate Recommends More Practice

According to crash statistics, American teenagers are at the most risk of suffering fatal injuries during the first year after they begin driving. Nancy O'Dell, a well-known co-host on a network show that covers with entertainment stories, took to the Internet this week to advocate for better awareness of the dangers facing teen drivers.

Study Adds New Reasons To Avoid Unnecessary C-Sections

The medical literature on unnecessary c-section is rapidly expanding-and it seems that almost every new study is finding new reasons to discourage doctors and families from electing c-sections that are not medically necessary.

Diagnosis Mistakes: Five Expert Tips For Patients

Based on recent reports, more medical malpractice claims involve diagnosis errors than any other category. Although doctors should know that mistaken or delayed diagnoses can have potentially severe and life-changing consequences for patients, around 39 percent of successful claims involve exactly these kinds of mistakes.

Brain Injuries: Complications Can Take Many Forms

Our last post discussed the surprisingly high rate of bike accident-related brain injuries. Bicyclists suffer more brain injuries than any other athletes, in part because biking has become such a common past-time and mode of transportation.

Special Olympian's Participation Highlights Cerebral Palsy Challenges

As many of our readers know, a cerebral palsy diagnosis has enormous implications for Ohio families. One man inspired a crowd of observers at a Midwestern Special Olympics competition last weekend - and provided an example of the many challenges that result from cerebral palsy.

Bike Accidents Cause More Brain Injuries Than Other Sports

Yes, according to research from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, that statement is correct. Despite the enormous amount of attention focused on brain injuries in youth and professional high-contact sports, more people suffer bike accident-related head injuries.

Increase In Home Births Puts Focus On Risk And Midwives, Part 2

In light of the statistical trend towards more common home deliveries and the persistently higher risk associated with giving birth outside of a hospital or birth center, midwifery increasingly important. Ohio families who consider a home birth also need to think carefully about choosing a competent caregiver to assist with the delivery.

Driver Inexperience May Have Played A Role In School Bus Crash

Driving a car, while second-nature to many Ohioans, involves many movements and spatial judgments. It takes time to develop safe driving skills and, unfortunately, many young drivers find themselves in dangerous crashes first.

Increase In Home Births Puts Focus On Risk And Midwives, Part 1

American mothers have been opting for home deliveries in ever-higher numbers in recent years. Between 2004 and 2009, the number of home deliveries increased by 29 percent. This statistical trend is drawing attention from medical experts and policy makers.

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