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November 2013 Archives

Baby injured during delivery due to a lack of oxygen in the womb

Franklin, Ohio, readers might be interested in this news about the Los Angeles County Board approving a $7.5 million payout to a toddler with a brain injury. According to the news, the child suffered the brain injury during birth at a county-run hospital.

Columbus woman paralyzed in car crash

A 20-year-old Columbus, Ohio, woman was paralyzed as a result of injuries suffered in a June 5 car crash. She was riding as a passenger in a car driven by a 20-year-old male friend who allegedly floored the gas pedal when police tried to get him to pull the vehicle over. This apparently caused the car to flip an estimated four times before slamming into three different trees. She suffered spinal cord injuries serious enough to leave her paralyzed.

Nurse dies from complications; family wins in court

Ohioans who have ever had a medical issue know that there are many times when a mistake can lead to serious injuries or death. Providing the wrong medication, failing to diagnose a problem, or making another type of medical mistake can lead to dire consequences. In the news for Nov. 21, a lawsuit against a hospital and emergency room doctor was finally ruled on; the family from Illinois won $2.4 million after the death of the 47-year-old matriarch and mother of one was found to be due to medical malpractice.

Child dies after elective procedure due to lack of checks

Franklin, Ohio, readers might have heard about this news story. In 2002, a little girl passed away after an elective surgery. What's interesting is that her wrongful death could have been prevented, and her mother is now trying to get the state of California to provide monitoring for all patients' breathing after surgeries because of what happened to her daughter.

Child dies following surgery after alleged medical mistake

Ohioans who watch the news might have heard that a woman in California is making waves in the medical legislation department. According to the news, she lost her 11-year-old daughter to a medical mistake, and now she's trying to make sure it won't happen to anyone else.

Care for brain injuries varies at different hospitals

Franklin, Ohio, readers are probably aware that hospitals differ. A brain injury treatment at one hospital may not be the same at another, even though you'd think it would be treated in the same way. According to news from Nov. 11, researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle, have looked at data on more than 7,000 children to see at how their brain injuries were treated in over 156 U.S. hospitals. The data spanned seven years, according to the report.

Hospital death being investigated for odd circumstances

Ohioans familiar with medical procedures and emergency room tactics know that medical errors are not supposed to be common. Most emergency room doctors and staff members are competent and wouldn't let anything serious go wrong with a patient. But, some do make mistakes, and these can be serious. In fact, this article from Nov. 05 claims that one mistake made by a hospital could be the reason a man is now dead.

Judgment upheld against hospital whose brain surgery patient died

Franklin, Ohio, readers might know about brain injuries and the extent of damage they can cause. A brain injury of any kind can impact a person's life, and it's often vital that the injuries are treated as soon as possible for the best outcome. You might be interested in this story that revolves around a patient with a brain tumor who was allegedly left to die, even when showing symptoms of serious pressure on the brain just before his surgery.

Seizure drug believed to cause birth defects

Ohio residents may be shocked to know that a recent ruling from a Philadelphia jury decided against Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceutical unit in a lawsuit that claimed the drug Topamax, a seizure medication, caused birth injuries to unborn children. According to the report, the company must now pay $4.02 million for the lawsuit.

Medical errors result in 1 death and 1 permanent injury

Franklin, Ohio, residents who have a surgery or go through another medical procedure may worry about a mistake happening. In some cases, medical mistakes could lead to permanent injuries or even death, which is why health care providers need to be held to a high standard. Recent news from San Diego may make you want to reconsider your medical options in the future; according to an article from Oct. 24, one patient has died and another is now reliant on dialysis because of preventable medical errors.

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