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C-Section Complications Archives

Woman suffers perforation injury during unwanted surgery

A 35-year-old woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after suffering a perforated bladder during the c-section birth of her son. What makes this suit particularly newsworthy is that the c-section was performed against the woman's will.

New guidelines urge longer 'wait and see' period before C-sections

Cesarean-section births recently reached an all-time high in America, but new medical guidelines indicate that we may be past the high-water mark.

Study Adds New Reasons To Avoid Unnecessary C-Sections

The medical literature on unnecessary c-section is rapidly expanding-and it seems that almost every new study is finding new reasons to discourage doctors and families from electing c-sections that are not medically necessary.

Cascading Complications: One Wrong Step Can Unexpectedly Harm Patients

One of our recent posts looked at the high rate of unnecessary intervention procedures that American doctors often use in the birthing context. That post explained some of the reasons for why it is important to carefully consider whether a procedure is truly necessary - and this week a sad case is offering a timely example of what can go wrong.

Survey Warns Of Unnecessary Delivery Interventions, Part 1

According to a recent survey conducted by a nonprofit maternity and childbirth-focused organization, many pregnant women undergo unnecessary, invasive and potentially dangerous procedures. This research has troubling implications for expecting mothers in Ohio and around the nation - another indication that the medical profession needs to continue refining care standards.

Huge Variation In C-Section Rates At American Hospitals

The Cesarean section is an enormously important tool for delivery room physicians. Under certain circumstances, it becomes crucial to deliver a baby through C-section - and doctors need to know when those circumstances exist.

Electronic Fetal Monitoring May Lead To Unnecessary C-Section

A recent study concluded that fetal monitoring may lead doctors to perform a C-section procedure before it is medically necessary - likely putting mothers and infants at risk of dangerous complications. While fetal monitoring probably still plays an important role in delivery rooms, this study suggests that doctors need to back away from relying on them to make C-section decisions.

Placenta Accreta: With More C-Sections, More Risks

One of the big findings from the Centers for Disease Control's new research on the sharp rise in delivery complications in the United States involves mothers who give birth via c-section. With more mothers either choosing or requiring c-sections, the chances of dangerous complications have increased dramatically.

Mother Dies After C-Section, Family Sues For Wrongful Death

For one family, a worst case scenario became a tragic reality in 2010. After giving birth to a healthy baby boy, the mother rapidly sickened and died just two weeks later. An autopsy reported that the mother died because her C-section incision became infected with bacteria.

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