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Doctor Errors Archives

Surgical glove found in woman's abdomen due to medical error

If you have to go through surgery or other procedures, you may be worried about accidents taking place. In this case, a medical error may have led to a woman suffering hot flashes, among other problems, and it led to her needing more surgeries due to complications. According to the news, a surgical glove was found in her abdominal cavity. Ohioans might be interested in knowing that the woman is now claiming medical negligence, and she's asking for compensatory damages.

Doctor allegedly flees country due to medical malpractice charges

If you've been following the news in Ohio, you might have heard about a doctor from Cincinnati who was facing 36 charges of federal fraud. In addition, this surgeon faces over 160 civil suits from patients who claim he committed medical malpractice. Now, the surgeon is missing, and the U.S. Attorney's office has put out a warrant for his arrest. They feel that he has left the U.S.

Telemedicine can reduce errors

Physicians have been consulting with each other since the practice of medicine began, but now the ability to get guidance, advice and discuss treatment options is coming in a new form: telemedicine. No longer relegated to just making telephone calls, a consultation can be a video conference and include the medical staff, as well as the patient and the patient's family. In a recent study using pediatric cases in rural hospitals, the use of telemedicine greatly reduced the number of wrong drug prescriptions given to children who visited the rural hospital's ERs.

Man suffers from torn small intestine during surgery

Franklin, Ohioans are likely aware that surgeries have inherent risks. Even one that is completed perfectly can cause damage to a person, and side effects or complications are always possible. However, this differs significantly from a true medical mistake like this man faced after his surgery in 2002. According to the news from Nov. 20, the man had a four-hour surgery during which his intestine was damaged. Now, a jury has ruled in his favor to the tune of $6.7 million.

Hospital death being investigated for odd circumstances

Ohioans familiar with medical procedures and emergency room tactics know that medical errors are not supposed to be common. Most emergency room doctors and staff members are competent and wouldn't let anything serious go wrong with a patient. But, some do make mistakes, and these can be serious. In fact, this article from Nov. 05 claims that one mistake made by a hospital could be the reason a man is now dead.

Medical errors result in 1 death and 1 permanent injury

Franklin, Ohio, residents who have a surgery or go through another medical procedure may worry about a mistake happening. In some cases, medical mistakes could lead to permanent injuries or even death, which is why health care providers need to be held to a high standard. Recent news from San Diego may make you want to reconsider your medical options in the future; according to an article from Oct. 24, one patient has died and another is now reliant on dialysis because of preventable medical errors.

Man claims blood clot was due to doctor's negligent advice

Franklin, Ohio, readers might have heard about this doctor's alleged medical error that made national news. According to reports, the doctor has faced multiple medical malpractice lawsuits over the last few years, and he is now being sued again. This case launched in 2010, and the plaintifff contends that he was treated for a broken leg, given a cast and told he could return to work. The case focused on treatments that took place in 2008.

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