With the school season in full swing, families are spending more time together on the weekends. This means that they

For motorcycle riders, there is almost nothing more frightening than the thought of being involved in an accident. This is

There reasons for truck accidents in Ohio are varied. Some may be unavoidable due to inclement weather conditions that cause

If someone close to you has suffered death or debilitation due to cardiac arrest, you understand that Hollywood paints an

While the weather is getting a little cooler in the Columbus area as fall approaches, it is still vitally important

Getting hurt in a car accident often leads to injuries that can seriously affect your life. When the injury suffered

Childbirth should be a positive experience for mothers, but there are some instances in which the birth turns into something

Last year, a concerned mother took her 3-month-old son to the doctor after he appeared to be ill. He was

Despite the best efforts of police, Ohio car accidents occur on a regular basis. This holds true throughout the entire

When a truck accident happens, those who are not at fault in the incident could suddenly be facing thousands of

The presence of skin moles may creates more than a fourfold increase in your chance of developing melanoma, according to

No matter where you live or how much you drive, it is safe to assume that you have seen somebody

There is an old saying often used when someone isn’t feeling the best that is something akin to feeling like

After the national attention the Tracy Morgan accident received because of the injury to Morgan and the death of his

Being involved in an accident is scary, but when the accident causes a spinal injury, scary is only the beginning.

Many people look forward to holidays, as this gives them an opportunity to have fun with friends and family. While

Patients who get into an ambulance expect to get to the hospital or medical facility safely; however, that doesn’t always

Many people rely on injections to give them medicine, therapy or anesthesia. Patients should be warned about the small risk

There will always be a large number of people in Ohio who enjoy driving their motorcycle. Some do so on

When drivers aren’t driving in a safe manner, they usually don’t think of how their actions might affect others. When

Every day, there are car accidents in the state of Ohio, with some leading to serious injury and even death.

A recent head-on accident on Interstate 90 left one man in critical condition and another in fair condition. As a

American health care is gripped with multiple problems, but none is bigger than medical misdiagnosis. More than 12 million Americans

There are thousands upon thousands of people throughout the United States who enjoy taking to the open road on their

At hospitals, data breaches and security lapses can sometimes be as injurious to patients as a misdiagnosis or surgical error.

Caretakers can prevent bedsores in the elderly or disabled by routinely changing the position of the patient. Bedsores, also known

A number of different factors can lead to an Ohio car accident, including the negligence of a driver, drinking and

Suffering from concussions is something that is common for football players. Some of these players are now realizing that there

Semi truck drivers who aren’t paying attention to what is going on around their rigs are driving deadly weapons. Crashing

Any motorist who gets a driver’s license has to take a test that proves they know basic traffic laws. One

We’ve all been taught to use caution when we hear or see a police car or emergency vehicle with siren

Sadly, medically unnecessary operations are becoming prevalent in American health care. Surgery can be a big moneymaker for both doctors

In a story so disturbing it’s hard to believe, a man was misdiagnosed as delusional and spent 20 years wrongly

An adult male decided that he wanted to be circumcised, so he met with his doctor and set up a

A pediatrician was arrested, injured and humiliated after trying to rescue a newborn, her patient, from a car baking under

This blog frequently discusses how profits are prioritized over patient safety in the U.S. health care industry. Health care is

Most doctors are sued for medical malpractice at least once during their careers. The physician successfully defends the lawsuit 90

When the weather is nice, bikers tend to get out on their motorcycles to enjoy the fresh air. With motorcycles

Car accident happens for a variety of reasons, such as one driver making a poor mistake that puts another in

Car accidents can happen for any number of reasons, but when somebody acts in a negligent manner, it is more

A tragic accident struck Cleveland Heights, Ohio, when a rabbi who was walking home after going to his religious studies

The American health care industry is going through tremendous changes. One of the changes most apparent to patients is the

Every day, trucks travel throughout the state of Ohio for a variety of reasons. Some of these trucks are on

When traffic isn’t driving at a steady pace, drivers have to be extremely careful about what is going on around

Every day throughout Ohio, people jump on their motorcycle for a number of reasons. Some people commute on their bike

Ohio car accidents are more common than they should be, because many of these are the result of a distracted

Ohio car accidents are common, from Columbus to Cleveland everywhere in between. While some are the result of a driver

Drunk driving is a choice that some people make without much thought. Unfortunately, those drivers take other people’s lives into

Twins can bring an additional set of complications during pregnancy and birth, so it is crucial for mothers expecting twins

A woman recently filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the Storz Rotocut Morcellator, claiming that the surgical device spread

Hospitals and their staff owe patients a duty to keep their medical records confidential. According to a recent lawsuit, the

There are some drivers who just shouldn’t be allowed to drive because their driving history shows a string of negligence.

There was no rejoicing after a court ordered a former midwife to pay $5 million in damages for causing the

The parents of a 6-year-old boy with cerebral palsy have filed a lawsuit against the birthing hospital and staff members,

Watching for traffic signals when you are driving is vital to ensure that you and everyone else on the road

A 35-year-old woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after suffering a perforated bladder during the c-section birth of her

Authorities are investigating a crash that shut down part of U.S. 33 in Fairfield County earlier this week. At approximately

If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you know that there is a huge misperception about medical malpractice

Paying attention to what is going on around you is important, especially if you are driving on a roadway with

All over the country, there are people who enjoy hitting the open road on a motorcycle. While this can be

Losing a loved one is always difficult, but it is seemingly more difficult when that loss comes at the hands

Motorcycle awareness campaigns are running full force in Ohio and around the rest of the country. While these campaigns serve

It is a well-known fact that injuries to the brain can lead to problems that don’t manifest for some time

A new Senate report illustrates the harm caused by preventable medical errors, which kill an average of 325,000 hospital patients

A timely diagnosis is a crucial component of good healthcare, but it is vital for the diagnosis to be accurate,

After the long and harsh winter, spring has finally arrived in Ohio. This nicer weather means that motorcycle enthusiasts are

During the early morning and afternoon hours in states throughout the country, school buses transport students to and from school.

Even if you have never been involved in a car accident in the past, there is always the chance that

In the event of a multi-car accident in which there are multiple people involved, the chance of somebody being injured

Ohio residents generally assume that police officers are there to help them, not hurt them. Although that is generally the

A Sunday evening drive ended in tragedy for an Ohio Amish family when their buggy was hit by an allegedly

An Ohio State University student who suffered serious head trauma after a motorcycle accident in 2011 says he is learning

A radiology technician was recently sentenced to six months in prison for giving false-negative mammogram results to 1,289 women because

Hospitals have a duty to make their premises reasonably safe for patients. This includes ensuring that its employees can competently

For truck drivers, severe fatigue is sometimes commonplace. These truckers are often on very strict deadlines that don’t leave much

A teen is on trial in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court for a 2013 accident that killed an 81-year-old retired Cleveland

Some vehicle accidents are determined to be the fault of someone other than the driver. That was the case in

Seven Ohio oncologists were recently found guilty of bypassing the nation’s drug-regulation system to provide their patients with unapproved medication.

In a disturbing story so horrible it has previously been considered only an urban myth, a patient allegedly died in

Troubling statistics in Lorain County, Ohio, have led Ohio Highway Patrol representatives to focus on motorcycle safety and awareness. Troopers

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When Ohio residents go to the gym to work out, they expect that their bodies will become healthier and stronger.

Ohio residents with spinal cord injuries are just as anxious to see a cure for their injury as anyone. Spinal

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are a particularly concerning time for Ohio traffic enforcement officers. Many drivers get behind

Auto accidents of any kind can be devastating, but large truck accidents are often the worst kind. Most truck accidents

Eighteen-wheelers own the highways, whether they are going fast or slow. Accidents between these large trucks and cars, or other

A 24-year-old Ohio driver is facing three misdemeanor charges for hitting a teenage girl in a school crosswalk this past

More than four years after a crash he says he says he doesn’t remember, a 46-year-old man has been given

When someone incurs a traumatic brain injury, there are no guarantees that the individual will ever be the same again.

Cesarean-section births recently reached an all-time high in America, but new medical guidelines indicate that we may be past the

An intersection in Ohio has caused many accidents in the past, and one of the most recent led to the

The Washington Post recently discussed how difficult it is for a patient to research a doctor before entrusting the physician

Last week, the Florida Supreme Court struck down a $1 million cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases. The

An Ohio man with multiple moving vehicle violations on his record, including two for operating a vehicle under the influence

Earlier this week we discussed how a Florida court ruling helps restore patients’ rights after they suffer injuries from medical

It has been a winter of treacherous road conditions in Ohio and the rest of the Midwest and East. Ohioans

Falls among elderly people and car crashes are among the significant causes of many major injuries in Ohio and around

The University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC) recently settled a lawsuit brought by a patient who claims the hospital performed

An Ohio man with a history of alcohol and drug-related criminal charges dating back close to 20 years has been


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