On February 11th, a woman received the maximum sentence allowed for a drunk driving accident that killed local Ohio lawyer,

The family of Silvino Perez recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Pervaiz Chaudhry, after the surgeon allegedly left

A man has filed suit against his former doctor for failing to diagnose a bone infection. The defendant performed orthopedic

Parents of a severely disabled boy with cerebral palsy are expected to recover $9 million after settling their lawsuit against

A Lisbon, Ohio, man was sentenced to four years in prison as well as four additional years of probation for

Criminal charges have been filed against a Fairfield, Ohio, woman who prosecutors claim furnished intoxicating beverages at a New Year’s

Parents of a baby born with cerebral palsy are often unsure what caused their child to suffer the condition. Sometimes

Approximately 6 million Americans break a bone each year. While some breaks involve compound fractures and severe trauma, the vast

Brain injuries are some of the most severe injuries a person can have. They can result in anything from mild

When you or a loved one visits a doctor or hospital for care, you expect to receive the best treatment

In Ohio, medical negligence is taken seriously. If you have lost a loved one due to medical malpractice, it’s important

A crash on a highway in Stonelick Township involving five vehicles took a heavy toll, leaving two men dead. The

Parents-to-be in Ohio have a lot on their minds. There are baby supplies to procure, showers to attend, cribs to

If you have to go through surgery or other procedures, you may be worried about accidents taking place. In this

A medical mistake can lead to life-long consequences or death. Permanent injuries and pain and suffering is often the case

Every person should be able to trust that medical care being provided to them is done in a professional, expert

Ohio police officers are being sued by the family of a man who died in a highway accident when he

A 20-year-old man from Amanda, Ohio, died in a late afternoon single vehicle crash. He was riding in a car

Losing a loved one is tragic in any circumstances. When family members feel that medical professionals could have prevented the

The investigation of the causes of the accident is ongoing. In many Ohio car accidents, speeding, drug or alcohol abuse,

The Ohio State Patrol is investigating a series of events that led to the death of one man. They were

A head-on crash between two vehicles close to Wakeman Township, Ohio, took the life of a teen passenger in a

A head-on crash between an SUV and a Jeep in Columbiana County, Ohio, resulted in the tragic death of three

Spinal cord injuries can impact a person’s life forever, and a Pennsylvania man is now learning that. He was involved

Federal marshals have arrested a truck driver for his involvement in a six-vehicle accident approximately a year ago that ended

Anytime an individual submits to medical procedures, he or she is putting a lot of trust and faith in medical

It’s unfortunate, but injuries suffered at birth can be life altering and may not be reversible. In this case, birth

Accidents happen and sometimes injuries result. However, when a hospital visit for appendicitis gives a 6-year-old girl a fatal brain

A 17-year-old high school junior suffered a serious injury in September in a car accident that kept him hospitalized for

If medical necessities arise, you want to trust that your doctors will care for you correctly. In this wrongful death

For Ohio physicians and facilities, many procedures are considered simple or routine. The same is true across the country, and

Though the standard of care is generally high in hospitals throughout the nation, residents of Franklin, Ohio, probably realize that

If you’ve been to Lima, Ohio, you might be interested in hearing about this medical malpractice case that was recently

A 24-year-old male motorist is facing vehicular homicide charges in a fiery fatal crash in which his car hit a

Physicians have been consulting with each other since the practice of medicine began, but now the ability to get guidance,

Errors that occur before, during and after surgery range from the bizarre, such as leaving instruments in patients, to the

State law enforcement officials have reported a frightening increase in the number of traffic accidents in Ohio resulting from drivers

Imagine never being able to take a bite of food again. No Thanksgiving, no Christmas and no chocolates at Valentine’s

A passenger in a car in Cleveland, Ohio, was flung from the vehicle in an early morning hit-and-run car accident.

A baby’s birth should be a time of celebration, but in some tragic cases, the very act of birth causes

Obstetricians carry a significant amount of responsibility in making sure that children are born in a safe, healthy environment. They

A 59-year-old male truck driver from Jamestown, Ohio, died at the scene of a three-truck accident. The interstate highway crash

Franklin, Ohio, residents should be aware that when you go to the hospital, pharmacy or other location for medical treatment,

A new study of the impact of mild explosion injuries on active duty soldiers shows that they can still result

Franklin, Ohioans are likely aware that surgeries have inherent risks. Even one that is completed perfectly can cause damage to

A 28-year-old man from Pedro, Ohio, has been sent to prison for eight years after being convicted of aggravated vehicular

A 20-year-old male driver accused of causing an accident that ended the life of a 55-year-old woman in a car

If you’ve been following the news in Ohio, you might have heard about a doctor from Cincinnati who was facing

Ohioans shouldn’t be strangers to routine medical procedures like tonsillectomies or wisdom tooth removal, but as you should know, it

Suffering any type of injury is hard enough, but when that injury leads to problems later in life, the difficulty

A 36-year-old man who attempted to drive home while visibly intoxicated after being served alcoholic beverages at two bars will

A 21-year-old man was killed while going home from the downtown Cincinnati post office when the car he was riding

The Emergency Care Research Institute ranks technology health hazards on an annual basis, and the 2013 list shows that technology

Ohio residents may be shocked to know that a recent ruling from a Philadelphia jury decided against Johnson & Johnson’s

The widower of a woman who worked as a nurse at Jewish Hospital in Kenwood, Ohio, is suing the hospital

Two Ohio women recently submitted a medical malpractice claim, naming the federal government as the defendant. Both women lost their

Ohioans who have ever had a medical issue know that there are many times when a mistake can lead to

Bicycle accidents are a major cause of injuries among children in Ohio and nationwide. Such accidents are often the cause

Franklin, Ohio, residents who have a surgery or go through another medical procedure may worry about a mistake happening. In

Franklin, Ohio, readers might know about brain injuries and the extent of damage they can cause. A brain injury of

Ohioans who have taken prescription medications know that they can sometimes be difficult to understand take accurately, especially if a

Ohioans familiar with medical procedures and emergency room tactics know that medical errors are not supposed to be common. Most

A 16-year-old high school hockey player suffered a serious injury during a weekend game. He received two fractured vertebrae, the

The federal agency charged with regulating the safety of commercial bus and trucking operations has been accused of ignoring unsafe

A 36-year-old female motorist is facing serious criminal charges for allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident in which her

A jury in Bridgeport, Connecticut has awarded $9.2 million to a woman from Fairfield who endured a series of medical

A 20-year-old Columbus, Ohio, woman was paralyzed as a result of injuries suffered in a June 5 car crash. She

A Las Vegas hospital is accused of exposing numerous patients, staff and visitors to tuberculosis, potentially endangering dozens of lives

Ohioans who watch the news might have heard that a woman in California is making waves in the medical legislation

Franklin, Ohio, readers might have heard about this news story. In 2002, a little girl passed away after an elective

Franklin, Ohio, readers are probably aware that hospitals differ. A brain injury treatment at one hospital may not be the

At the age of 20, over a year ago, a man from North Strabane, Ohio, attending school at Indiana University

Franklin, Ohio, readers might be interested in this news about the Los Angeles County Board approving a $7.5 million payout

A school bus carrying 41 students from a middle school was recently hit in the left front area by a

Ohio residents are more than likely to be shocked by this news about an alleged wrongful death at San Francisco

A 38-year-woman will receive $12.9 million dollars after a jury ruled that the medical center where she delivered her baby

Franklin readers may be interested in this fatal accident that resulted in the death of one man. According to news

A man is now paralyzed from his chest down as a result of spinal cord injuries suffered in a vehicle

A tow truck driver who was on the shoulder of the road on westbound U.S. 30 in Ohio was hit

A collision between a tractor-trailer and a Greyhound bus headed for Cleveland, Ohio, resulted in the death of one woman

A car crash in Mason, Ohio, resulted in the death of a 16-year-old high school student who was driving a

Franklin, Ohio, readers may have been faced with a wrongful death in the past, and if so, know that it

In the world of medicine, there is a common belief that more technology is better. And in many cases, this

If you fall in a hospital or nursing care facility, there is always a risk that you could hit your

Opiates are very serious drugs that can result in heart attacks, lethargy, and brain damage if they’re abused. In this

Regular readers may remember a story posted here in July about an Ohio spine surgeon who was facing federal charges

Franklin, Ohio, readers might have heard about this doctor’s alleged medical error that made national news. According to reports, the

Franklin readers probably have had to deal with a minor medical mistake at some point in their lives. Most people

A 5-year-old boy walking with another child, an older cousin, to a school bus stop on a Friday morning in

A Greyhound bus driver who was involved in an accident in which a minimum of 35 people were injured has

A 22-year-old woman from Plain Township, Ohio, who admitted being drunk at the time of a fatal car accident, has

In the last ten years, surgeons across the United States implanted cardiac stents in over 7 million people, touting their

Three Ohio law enforcement agencies are the recipients of federal grant money to pay for police overtime to crackdown on

Any time you go to the hospital, you trust that the medical care you’ll receive will be thorough and accurate.

A former Ohio State baseball player with the Buckeyes team was injured while riding his bicycle when he was hit

It’s truly tragic when a doctor’s mistake leads to an infant’s birth injuries. Franklin, Ohio, readers may be pleased to

Franklin, Ohio, residents may have taken this drug that is now under scrutiny for its potential to cause a pulmonary

A 31-year-old Camden, Ohio, woman was killed when the van she was driving was hit by a train. The accident

Thewrongful death of a loved one can leave you feeling lost and hurt. When medical malpractice comes into play, it


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