As a youngster, Demetrio McNeil was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. McNeil uses a walker and wheelchair to move around, but

Brian Heyburn got a rough start to life. A doctor improperly administered an epidural during his C-section birth. The serious

Johnny Agar always wanted to be an athlete. As the son of a former Detroit Tigers prospect, Agar has always

In August 2008, a woman visited the hospital because of pregnancy complications. An obstetrician performed an ultrasound and – much

This morning, football fans awoke to the shocking news that former National Football League star Junior Seau had died in

Most concussion-related discussions seem to center on the National Football League (NFL). Somehow, most people overlook the grim reality that

After hearing a medical malpractice victim’s sad story, a jury decided to award the woman $3.9 million in damages. While

A recent study revealed that emergency room errors are twice as likely to occur when the patient doesn’t speak English.

In 2010, an infant boy was born about four months premature. Much to the joy of the baby’s parents, the

Veronica Olguin just wished she would awake from her nightmare, but, sadly, she wasn’t dreaming. The mother watched in horror

Blake Hutchins suffers daily from developmental problems. The 3-year-old’s speech and cognitive function lag behind that of normal children, but

In June 2008, a young couple arrived at a birthing center ready for the delivery of their baby. Birthing complications

A $22 million jury award has grabbed headlines for its eye-popping sum, but a closer look at the medical malpractice

A thirteen-year-old girl recently settled a medical malpractice claim against the hospital where she was born. In 1999, she suffered

Scientists may have discovered a drug that can effectively treat infants for cerebral palsy after birth. The exciting news stems

As discussed in the previous post, Ohio doctors and expecting mothers must weigh the pros and cons of treating depression

Reports suggest that at least six percent of pregnant women are taking antidepressants, and antidepressants have been shown to be

A recent study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine that Ohio residents may be interested in examined how doctors

Cincinnati and Hamilton counties have infant mortality rates nearly double the national average. The shocking numbers were recently disclosed by

If good intentions carried much worth in the delivery of babies, there wouldn’t be many birth injuries occurring. Doctors’ hearts

As discussed in the previous post, Ohio residents may be interested in a study published in the February issue of

It is very commonplace these days in Ohio and around the country for women in labor to receive an epidural shot to

We hear the disclaimers all the time. A drug that seems to be a cure-all for a specific problem shouldn’t

A recent article in the Dayton Daily News reveals the disturbing news that nurses who are facing professional misconduct charges in the

The previous two posts discussed the alarming news that many nurses in Ohio who are facing charges of abuse and

As discussed in the previous post, complaints against nurses in Ohio have skyrocketed in recent years, which has led to

You may not know it, but the nurse taking care of you or your family member right now in Ohio

As discussed in the previous post, a genetics laboratory is facing a wrongful birth lawsuit from a set of parents

Sometimes a failure to diagnose a devastating illness can result in what is known as a wrongful birth. A married

Currently, hospital-acquired infections are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. One preventable cause of these infections is

As discussed in the previous post, a recent report by federal investigators found that too many errors and accidents that

Children call them boo-boos, uh-ohs or oopsies. Many people simply know them as mistakes. Hospitals, whether they are in Ohio

As discussed in the previous post, a recent investigative series by ProPublica reveals that there has been a downward trend

For decades now, there has been a downward trend in the number of routine autopsies that are performed by hospitals.

As discussed in the previous post, far too many preventable medical errors continue to occur every day in hospitals across

As discussed in the previous post, a recent article in Kaiser Health News noted that medical errors in hospitals are one

More than ten years ago the Institute of Medicine estimated that 100,000 people die in hospitals due to preventable errors

As discussed in the previous post, a recent study found that babies born to mothers who had received an epidural

A new study recently published in Pediatrics said that babies born to women who develop a fever after being administered

As discussed in the previous post, a court in Pennsylvania recently ruled that a mother could sue the doctor who

Ask any expecting mother in Ohio whether they want a boy or a girl baby, and most will probably say

As discussed in the previous post, tort reform that aims to make it harder to file a medical malpractice lawsuit

A recent article by the Associated Press discusses some unintended and troubling consequences of tort reform. In order the try

As discussed in the previous post, a bill currently sitting in committee in the Ohio Senate is causing a debate

A bill currently in committee in the Ohio Senate has sparked a showdown between providers of emergency medical care and lawyers representing

A woman in another state has sued the doctor that delivered her baby on behalf of the child who continues

As discussed in the previous post, a recent report by federal investigators found that most medical errors that harm Medicare

Federal investigators recently released a report that found that most errors that occur in hospitals and harm Medicare patients are

According to a recent news article, out of every 1,000 babies born in the U.S., six suffer a birth injury. Some

A recent article appearing online in CNN Health was written by a doctor who believes there are serious flaws in the American medical

This blog recently discussed how a scientific panel concluded that there is a probable link between exposure to a chemical

The previous two birth injury blog posts discussed how a scientific panel studying the effects of a chemical used in

This blog will discuss several birth injuries in five posts in order to shed some light on these conditions. The

This blog has discussed several different birth injuries in the previous four posts as part of a five-part series on

As discussed in the previous post, women who are incarcerated may experience mistreatment or a lack of medical attention during

In the U.S, 49 states do not report the pregnancies and outcomes of those pregnancies of all imprisoned women, according

As part of a class action settlement involving the release of a chemical used by DuPont into Wood County, West

As discussed in the previous post, a scientific panel that was assembled as part of a 2005 class-action lawsuit settlement recently released

As discussed in the previous post, a recent series by ProPublica and NPR takes a hard look at the death

The news organizations ProPublica and NPR have been working on an ongoing journalistic investigation of the death investigation system in

A jury recently found in favor of the parents of a little girl whose arm was permanently disabled due to

As discussed in the previous post, more and more hospitals are integrating the latest technological gadgets into their practice of

As more technological devices are used in hospitals, the level of patient care may go up in some cases, but

This blog will discuss several different birth injuries in the next five posts in order to shed some light on

The previous post began to discuss brachial plexus birth injuries, Erb’s palsy and other nerve injuries as part of a

This blog will discuss several different birth injuries in five posts in order to explain what is involved in these

A recent medical malpractice settlement involved a little girl who was born healthy, but as a toddler was a victim

A recent opinion piece in CNN by a woman who works as an executive in the fields of maternal health

As discussed in the previous post, a recent column in The Holland Sentinel discussed brachial plexus injuries and Erb’s palsy

A recent column in The Holland Sentinel discussed brachial plexus injuries and how they can be preventable. The author of

As discussed in the previous post, the Health Resources and Services Administration in September took down a database where doctors

At the beginning of September, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) took down a public database where doctors who

When an infant suffers a birth injury, the baby may need numerous treatments in order to mitigate the negative health

As discussed in the previous post, in this age of technology, it is often the simple things hospitals do to prevent

Hospitals use more and more high-tech equipment to improve patient care, but there are often much simpler ways to prevent mistakes. Preventing

A recent study found that colds and flu did not appear to increase the risk of cerebral palsy in a

The prospect of severe disabilities as result of a birth injury is daunting challenge for a new family. Long term

As discussed in the previous two posts, an ongoing medical malpractice case in another state has brought up some complicated

As discussed in the previous post, a birth injury case currently making its way through the courts of another state

A case soon to be heard by the highest court of another state will deal with some difficult and controversial issues

Many pregnant women take Lamaze classes because they would prefer to forgo an epidural or other intervention which may not

In the United States there has historically been a sense that our health care system was one of the best

When babies are born prematurely, their lungs may not have had time to develop completely. It is important that doctors

In the first hours and days after a baby is born a wide variety of medical complications can put the

As you may know, causes of action for civil lawsuits generally do not last forever. Statutes of limitation cut off

A jury in a medical malpractice case has determined that the failure of a physician’s assistant to appreciate the severity

There are few things in the world more delicate and vulnerable than a newborn baby and certainly nothing more precious.

A 14-year-old boy was severely brain injured at his birth in 1997 is seeking assistance in enforcing a judgment against

When a 31-year-old woman was told by her doctor that she had a mass on her left ovary that appeared

Every parent knows that having and raising children can be an expensive proposition. Now that summer vacations and camps are

We have been told for years that the more premature the baby, the greater the risk he or she will

Labor and childbirth contain many risks for both the mother and the newborn infant. Doctors are trained to help mitigate

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, doctors sometimes use ultrasounds to attempt to determine the likely birth weight of

Many parents have strong values regarding childbirth, from not wanting anesthesia to foregoing potentially harmful vaccinations. Patients have a right

New research indicates that in the last 12 years the rate of strokes among pregnant women and those who have

When a doctor realizes that a fetus in distress during childbirth, time is of the essence. Depriving oxygen to the

During every birth, it is critically important that the doctors and medical staff are well trained and deliver the best

As we have discussed in earlier posts, there is a growing trend toward deliberately delivering infants before they are full

Every year in the United States nearly 10,000 infants are born with cerebral palsy. As you may know the title


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