Brain injured man struggling to recover

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At the age of 20, over a year ago, a man from North Strabane, Ohio, attending school at Indiana University of Ohio was hit by a car, suffering a terrible brain injury that rendered him unable to care for himself or even walk. He has spent over 400 days at a rehabilitation institute so far, but is expected to be sent home soon to be with his family. His chances for recovery are described as constituting an uphill battle.

A doctor knowledgeable in the area of traumatic brain injury noted that each such injury had unique characteristics and that younger injury victims had a greater chance of recovery than older ones. He cautioned, however, that recovery can take a prolonged time, usually measured in years. Personal injury lawsuits seeking to recover damages for such injuries must attempt to recover funds to cover the cost of long-term and often lifetime care.

As with many Ohio brain injuries, the accident that caused this condition was the result, according to police, of driving under the influence. A fellow student at the university was charged with DUI, possessing marijuana, and aggravated assault by vehicle.

The young man’s family is engaging in fund raising efforts to remodel a portion of their home’s basement, currently used for recreational purposes, into a hospital-like room to care for him. While the injured man, who suffered a traumatic brain injury, has survived, he is still fighting to try to talk and walk and tragically is unable to eat by himself. He also seems to have difficulties with short term memory and even simple communication. A gastro tube provides him with nourishment and keeps him alive.

Source:, “North Strabane man who suffered brain injury fighting ‘uphill battle’” Megan Guza, Oct. 23, 2013


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