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Brain Injuries: Complications Can Take Many Forms

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Our last post discussed the surprisingly high rate of bike accident-related brain injuries. Bicyclists suffer more brain injuries than any other athletes, in part because biking has become such a common past-time and mode of transportation.

While many serious injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents, traumatic brain injuries are frequently among the most catastrophic. In many cases, brain injuries lead to permanent and severe consequences for victims.

Brain injuries are commonly associated with cognitive impairments that can damage memory, learning, and reasoning abilities-as a result, many victims struggle to perform the same work tasks that came easily before an accident.

Other problems may be surprising to many readers. For example, brain injuries can impair any of the senses. Anosmia is one condition that describes an impaired or destroyed ability to smell.

One of the central challenges with brain injuries from a civil justice perspective is that many symptoms and injury consequences can take years to emerge. Victims cannot always wait to start a lawsuit until they have a complete picture of their future condition is available-medical bills often accumulate very quickly.

An experienced personal injury law firm can help develop a strategy to balance immediate recovery needs with the reality that brain injuries are a long-term problem.

Source: Mayo Clinic, “Traumatic brain injury,” Mayo Clinic Staff, Oct. 12, 2012

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