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Bedsores in Nursing Homes, Part 1

Bedsores, also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, are common among nursing home residents. More than one in 10 nursing home residents experience this type of skin wound. Some are severe enough to expose bone or become infected. Pressure sores are caused by long-term pressure on the same area

Load securement is an important duty of all truckers

Not all semi-truck accidents involve the actual truck or trailer slamming into a vehicle. Some semi-truck accidents are the result of unsecured or improperly secured loads shifting or flying off the trailer. These accidents can be just as devastating as accidents that involve the tractor-trailer careening into a vehicle. The

Hospital-acquired infections preventable but common

Hospital-acquired infections are very preventable, yet cause many serious injuries and deaths in hospitals and nursing homes every year. The statistics are staggering. According to the Healthcare IT News, around 722,000 hospitalized patients suffered a serious infection in 2011 while being treated in a hospital. At least 75,000 of these

Medical test errors: Part 1

Medical tests are routine, or so we like to think. Seldom do we question a positive or negative result, and we undertake or decline treatment based on those results. Almost everyone has had some type of medical lab test – a throat culture, a urinalysis or a blood glucose level.

Taser deaths: Part 1

Law enforcement personnel like Tasers, a weapon that is supposed to stun rather than wound. The appeal is that officers can subdue suspects without injuring or killing them. However, these weapons appear to pose a risk of serious injury and death; people have suffered serious injuries or died as a


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