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These car safety features can prevent injury, death

No matter what type of car you drive, it is important to understand its safety features. The same holds true if you fin...

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Health outcome disparity in the U.S., Ohio and Franklin County

Medical Errors Are Not the Only Cause of Negative health OutcomesMedical outcomes vary in the United States depending o...

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Car struck by 4 vehicles, driver dies, child passenger lives

Driving on the Ohio roadways is sometimes dangerous during the winter months; however, there hasn't really been much sn...

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Food poisoning in Ohio

There have been several outbreaks of different types of food poisoning in Chipotle restaurants across the United States...

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Premature birth and birth injuries in Ohio

Mahoning County in Ohio has a higher rate of preterm births than the state and national averages. According to the Marc...

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How hierarchy in hospitals causes medical errors

The findings of an international study show that nurses and support staff are sometimes hesitant to voice their concern...

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Policies to protect children from brain injuries are debatable

Brain injuries in children can have lifelong effects on almost every facet of life. It wasn't until some of the recent ...

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Load securement is an important duty of all truckers

Not all semi-truck accidents involve the actual truck or trailer slamming into a vehicle. Some semi-truck accidents are...

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Bedsores in Nursing Homes, Part 1

Bedsores, also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, are common among nursing home residents. More than one in 1...

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