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What does a spinal cord injury rehab program entail?

When a person suffers a spinal cord injury, there is nothing more important than seeking immediate treatment. Once the ...

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What is rehabilitation after a brain injury?

Brain injuries can affect various systems of the victim's body. This means that rehabilitation for brain injuries has t...

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Smartphone users confess to array of distracted-driving activities

If you drive in Ohio, then you are prohibited from texting and driving at the same time. However, the texting-while-dri...

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Key findings among alcohol impaired driving accidents

Driving under the influence of alcohol is never a good idea. When a person has too much to drink and then gets behind t...

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Woman tries to avoid animal in road; kills a woman, injures baby

All drivers have to be prepared for making split-second decisions as they drive. Hazards in the roadway, such as debris...

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What are the tests used to diagnose a spinal cord injury?

If a person arrives at an emergency room with a suspected spinal cord injury, medical professionals are extremely caref...

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1 man killed, others injured in Ohio motorcycle crash

When motorists get behind the wheel of a vehicle, their duty to pay attention to the road begins. Drivers who don't pay...

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What is Ohio’s comparative negligence law?

When you are hurt in an accident that was caused by a negligent person, you might decide to seek compensation. One fact...

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Subdural hematomas can be deadly after an accident

People who are in an automobile accident sometimes suffer from a brain injury. One of the possible brain injuries that ...

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