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The types of people who treat a brain injury

If a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, it is likely that he or she will receive medical treatment for an extende...

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Motorcycle accident stats and trends

When compared to passenger vehicles, motorcycles are less visible and certainly less stable. If a car and motorcycle ar...

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Can brain injuries cause emotional changes in victims?

Brain injuries can cause a variety of issues for victims. Some victims suffer from paralysis. Others might suffer from ...

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Man runs stop sign on Ohio 603, kills 1, injures others

Stop signs and other traffic signals serve a very important purpose. When drivers ignore stop signs and other similar i...

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How is paraplegia diagnosed and treated?

We recently discussed some of the basic points regarding paraplegia. The fact of the matter is that a diagnosis of para...

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Truckers and mobile phone use

It is easy for a truck driver to become distracted. Long hours on the road can be boring, but that doesn't give a truck...

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Man suffers head injury when glass falls on him at Ohio factory

Factory workers face some unique hazards while working. For some of these workers, the danger of objects falling is one...

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The don’ts of making a car insurance claim

There is more to making a car insurance claim than calling your agent on the phone and discussing what happened. You ne...

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Are you familiar with the risks of truck driver fatigue?

Drivers of passenger vehicles don't often think about the mental state of those around them. Instead, they hope that ev...

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