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Fatal auto accidents are costly for Ohio taxpayers

Automotive accidents in Ohio have a huge impact on the state. Not only do these accidents cause injuries and deaths, they also impose significant financial consequences on the state. Consider how news reports always feature collisions that occur around the state, especially during wintry weather conditions. In our state alone,

Ohio brain injuries: Initial treatment

The thought of suffering a traumatic brain injury is enough to get most people upset. Fortunately, treatment of such injuries has come a long way over the years. For this reason, even the most serious injuries can be treated, to a certain degree, to help the patient reclaim as much

Eye-tracking to diagnose brain injuries, concussions

The neurological community is abuzz after a relatively simple test successfully detected brain injuries in patients. The test scans patients’ eye movements while they watch a four-minute music video. In patients without brain injuries, the horizontal and vertical eye movements are 50/50. In patients with brain trauma, the ratio is

Neck and spinal cord injuries: An ugly side of sports

People who play sports, whether they play in youth leagues, school leagues, community leagues or for leisure, are at risk of developing sports-related neck injuries. The chance of these injuries occurring when playing is greater if proper equipment isn’t available or if proper safety guidelines are followed. Our Ohio readers


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