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How does a helmet help in an Ohio motorcycle accident?

When you jump on a motorcycle, you know there is nothing between you and the road (or other vehicles) but your clothes....

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Ohio Senate Bill 91 introduces Yellow Dot Program for drivers

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if you were in an accident and unable to relay your medical hist...

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Ohio brain injuries: What is the long term impact?

As one of our Ohio readers, you probably stay current with the news from your local area. If you watch closely enough, ...

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Can drowsy driving cause Ohio car accidents?

When you get behind the wheel of an automobile, you need to be completely alert at all times. It only takes one mistake...

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Facts regarding spinal cord injuries

There are many types of spinal cord injuries, all of which should be taken seriously and treated in the appropriate man...

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Falling furniture, TVs responsible for brain injuries in children

The debate about preventable childhood brain injuries focuses heavily on high-contact sports such as football and hocke...

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Why do Ohio truck accidents happen?

If you spend any time driving through the state of Ohio, you know you will be sharing the road with plenty of trucks. W...

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Loophole in criminal cases doesn’t stop civil action in Ohio DUIs

When you think of someone being stopped for drunk driving, you might think that the drunk driver will be taken off the ...

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Ohio motorcycle accidents and the many types of vehicles

When most people think about a motorcycle accident, the first thing that comes to mind is a Harley Davidson or sport bi...

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