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How should you approach spinal cord injuries?

Any type of accident, including a slip and fall or vehicle collision, could cause a spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, ...

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Sleep debt and other fatigue factors affecting Ohio truckers

We recently discussed why truck accidents occur. One of the common reasons for truck accidents is fatigue. Think about ...

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Ohio Range Rover owners should know of new recall of brake hoses

One of the factors many people look into when they purchase a vehicle is the safety record of the manufacturer. For som...

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Understanding Ohio brain injuries

It doesn't matter if you live in Ohio or another part of the country, nothing changes the fact that a brain injury coul...

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What should I do after an Ohio truck accident?

We have often discussed accidents on this blog. That might have some of our Ohio readers wondering what they should do ...

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Deadly overpass collapse kills 1 on Interstate 75 in Ohio

When you are driving on the roadways, you expect that the overpasses and bridges you come across are safe. You likely d...

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What are common complications of spinal cord injuries?

A spinal cord injury can be serious on many fronts, including the physical changes it will cause. Immediately following...

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Ohio car crash that killed intern claims life of engineer

When drivers are in areas frequented by pedestrians, they must be extra careful to avoid hitting those pedestrians. If ...

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Put safety first despite the partial helmet laws in Ohio

The fairly mild winter thus far hasn't made the roads unfavorable for motorcycle riders. With that in mind, now is the ...

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