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What should Ohio residents know about concussion-related injury?

In some of our blog posts, we have discussed people who suffered from head injuries in an accident. Some people might s...

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What are dram shop laws in Ohio?

Being hit by a person who is driving drunk can cause serious injuries. In some cases, drunk accidents might lead to dea...

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2 sent to hospital after Ohio car accident

The highways that run through the state of Ohio can be a dangerous place. This is particularly true if a driver is und...

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Experts often disagree on how to reduce brain injuries in sports

Each year, between 1.6 and 3.8 million Americans are diagnosed with brain injuries. A large amount of these injuries de...

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What are spinal cord injuries?

Some people understand the severity of any type of spinal cord injury. Others believe this is in the same category as a...

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What are the causes of Ohio truck accidents in the winter?

When the roadways are 100 percent dry during the warm summer months, it doesn't mean that people can drive as fast and ...

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Drivers’ brains struggle to process early-winter snow, ice

While snow and ice generally creates travel issues, why do motorists seem to handle the road conditions better during l...

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What are the long term symptoms of brain injury?

Since no two people are the same, there is no way of saying how a brain injury will impact a person in the short and lo...

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Impact of brain injuries differs with age; elders have big risks

We recently discussed how gender may affect brain injuries, but the impact of age is often overlooked once the victim r...

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