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Spinal cord injuries can have serious consequences

There are many types of accidents that can lead to a spinal cord injury. These include but are not limited to motor veh...

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What should Ohio residents know about traumatic brain injuries?

We have often covered accidents that lead to brain injuries. While we have discussed the details of the accidents, we h...

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U.S. Ebola death may have involved hospital negligence

On Wednesday, a man in Dallas died from Ebola. In the days before his death the victim told hospital staff he recently ...

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Alcohol a factor in crash, Ohio grandfather and grandchild killed

With the school season in full swing, families are spending more time together on the weekends. This means that they mi...

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Man charged in Ohio motorcycle accident

Every year throughout the state of Ohio, people are involved in motorcycle accidents. Some make a mistake while on thei...

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Are Ohio motorcycle accidents and others increasing?

Ohio motorcycle accidents remain a big problem, despite the fact that drivers of all vehicles are aware that they shoul...

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Serious respiratory complications caused by spinal cord injuries

As we touched on last week, spinal cord injuries are one of the types of injuries that might occur in car accidents. Th...

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Unique issues in Beanie Wells’ malpractice lawsuit

Former Ohio State running back Beanie Wells recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against three doctors after an...

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Issues that lead to Ohio car accidents

Despite the best efforts of police, Ohio car accidents occur on a regular basis. This holds true throughout the entire ...

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