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Nationwide Children’s Hospital lawsuit raises sensitive issues

Last year, a concerned mother took her 3-month-old son to the doctor after he appeared to be ill. He was prescribed ant...

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What are common causes of Ohio truck accidents?

There reasons for truck accidents in Ohio are varied. Some may be unavoidable due to inclement weather conditions that ...

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Pedestrian killed in Columbus, driver caught 1 mile from accident

While the weather is getting a little cooler in the Columbus area as fall approaches, it is still vitally important for...

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Establishing fault in Ohio truck accidents

When a truck accident happens, those who are not at fault in the incident could suddenly be facing thousands of dollars...

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Treatment of cardiac arrest may depend on nature of condition

If someone close to you has suffered death or debilitation due to cardiac arrest, you understand that Hollywood paints ...

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Ohio birth injuries need firm representation

Childbirth should be a positive experience for mothers, but there are some instances in which the birth turns into some...

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Ohio brain injuries have special considerations

Getting hurt in a car accident often leads to injuries that can seriously affect your life. When the injury suffered in...

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Why are Ohio motorcycle accidents so often fatal?

For motorcycle riders, there is almost nothing more frightening than the thought of being involved in an accident. This...

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Are Ohio car accidents related to distracted driving?

No matter where you live or how much you drive, it is safe to assume that you have seen somebody behind the wheel who i...

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