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Medically unnecessary spine surgeries lead to patient’s death

Sadly, medically unnecessary operations are becoming prevalent in American health care. Surgery can be a big moneymaker...

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Fraudulent surgical screw scandal includes Senator bribe

This blog frequently discusses how profits are prioritized over patient safety in the U.S. health care industry. Health...

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Driver with history of Ohio car accidents causes fatal crash

There are some drivers who just shouldn't be allowed to drive because their driving history shows a string of negligenc...

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13 injured in Ohio truck accident after semi-truck runs red light

Watching for traffic signals when you are driving is vital to ensure that you and everyone else on the road stay safe. ...

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The consequences of a diluted doctor-patient relationship

The American health care industry is going through tremendous changes. One of the changes most apparent to patients is ...

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Cerebral palsy suit claims that oxygen deprivation was avoidable

The parents of a 6-year-old boy with cerebral palsy have filed a lawsuit against the birthing hospital and staff member...

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Ohio car accidents in GM vehicle may be more dangerous

Ohio car accidents are common, from Columbus to Cleveland everywhere in between. While some are the result of a driver ...

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Court orders midwife to pay $5M for breech delivery death

There was no rejoicing after a court ordered a former midwife to pay $5 million in damages for causing the death of an ...

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Ohio designates Safe Driving Awareness Month

Ohio car accidents are more common than they should be, because many of these are the result of a distracted driver, sp...

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