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Donahey Law attorneys’ article featured in Ohio Trial

Donahey Law would like to congratulate T. Jeffrey Beausay and Curtis M. Fifner for their outstanding work writing an article on Ohio’s workers’ compensation subrogation statute. Written to help fellow lawyers better represent their clients in workers’ comp subrogation issues, the article was recently featured in Ohio Trial. Here is

Lawsuit: Patient froze to death in morgue compartment

In a disturbing story so horrible it has previously been considered only an urban myth, a patient allegedly died in a Los Angeles hospital morgue after regaining consciousness. A California man is suing White Memorial Center and one of its physicians after he received his wife’s mangled body following a

Teen’s mom unsure of source of spinal cord injuries

Ohio residents generally assume that police officers are there to help them, not hurt them. Although that is generally the case, some police altercations can easily spiral out of control. Just ask the family members of a 17-year-old New York teen who suffered serious spinal cord injuries after an encounter

Education, enforcement key to stopping Ohio motorcycle accidents

Troubling statistics in Lorain County, Ohio, have led Ohio Highway Patrol representatives to focus on motorcycle safety and awareness. Troopers and other officers throughout the region have bolstered their efforts to prevent Ohio motorcycle accidents by participating in educational campaigns and other programs. Those initiatives appear to be working, according

Traffic fatalities have doubled in 1 Ohio county

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are a particularly concerning time for Ohio traffic enforcement officers. Many drivers get behind the wheel after holiday festivities while they are under the influence. However, impaired driving is a year-round concern. In Medina County, the director of the OVI Task Force says that

Ohio truck accident caused by slow-moving truck

Eighteen-wheelers own the highways, whether they are going fast or slow. Accidents between these large trucks and cars, or other vehicles, can cause catastrophic injuries and property damage. Drivers of these vehicles know when they get behind the wheel that any reckless driving on their part can be deadly. They


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