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Truck in Ohio backs over 83-year-old rabbi

A tragic accident struck Cleveland Heights, Ohio, when a rabbi who was walking home after going to his religious studie...

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Mother sues doctors for infant’s profound brain injuries

Twins can bring an additional set of complications during pregnancy and birth, so it is crucial for mothers expecting t...

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Ohio motorcycle accident sends 1 person to hospital

Every day throughout Ohio, people jump on their motorcycle for a number of reasons. Some people commute on their bike t...

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Lawsuit: Ohio woman’s STD diagnosis posted on Facebook

Hospitals and their staff owe patients a duty to keep their medical records confidential. According to a recent lawsuit...

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Ohio truck accident lands 2 in hospital

Every day, trucks travel throughout the state of Ohio for a variety of reasons. Some of these trucks are on the highway...

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Lawsuit: Surgeon’s morcellator spread deadly cancer

A woman recently filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the Storz Rotocut Morcellator, claiming that the surgical ...

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Ohio car accident kills 1, drunk driver arrested after fleeing

Drunk driving is a choice that some people make without much thought. Unfortunately, those drivers take other people's ...

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Ohio State University retiree killed in semi truck accident

When traffic isn't driving at a steady pace, drivers have to be extremely careful about what is going on around them. T...

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Woman suffers perforation injury during unwanted surgery

A 35-year-old woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after suffering a perforated bladder during the c-section b...

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