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Is there treatment for a spinal cord injury?

Researchers and medical professionals continue to seek new ways to treat serious spinal cord injuries. While there may not be a cure for this type of injury, there are many treatment options that have been proven effective. First and foremost, emergency care is of utmost importance. With the right treatment

Do you know why commercial truck accidents happen?

As the driver of a passenger vehicle, it’s imperative that you learn how to share the road with others. Depending on your location, this often means driving in close proximity to commercial trucks. Unfortunately, even if you’re sharing the road, an accident can still happen. This often comes into play

Loss of smell is possible after a brain injury

Every sense that humans have is controlled by the brain. When a person suffers from a traumatic brain injury, the senses that are controlled by the portion of the brain that was injured can be affected. In some cases, the portion of the brain that controls smell might be affected.


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