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Ohio family files lawsuit for teen’s death in motorcycle accident

Motorcycle awareness campaigns are running full force in Ohio and around the rest of the country. While these campaigns...

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Ohio brain injuries might lead to homelessness

It is a well-known fact that injuries to the brain can lead to problems that don't manifest for some time after the inj...

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Medical errors: The third leading cause of death in America

A new Senate report illustrates the harm caused by preventable medical errors, which kill an average of 325,000 hospita...

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Report: Ohio medical malpractice claims down again

If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you know that there is a huge misperception about medical malpractice and t...

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Ohio teen facing criminal charges, civil suit in fatal accident

A teen is on trial in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court for a 2013 accident that killed an 81-year-old retired Cleveland t...

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Patient suit: Hospital ignored worker’s history of sexual assault

Hospitals have a duty to make their premises reasonably safe for patients. This includes ensuring that its employees ca...

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Student doesn’t let Ohio brain injuries slow him down

An Ohio State University student who suffered serious head trauma after a motorcycle accident in 2011 says he is learni...

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Radiology technician imprisoned for purposeful false-negatives

A radiology technician was recently sentenced to six months in prison for giving false-negative mammogram results to 1,...

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Ohio doctors caught importing unapproved drugs for profit boost

Seven Ohio oncologists were recently found guilty of bypassing the nation's drug-regulation system to provide their pat...

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