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Man who ran Ohio stop sign charged in accident

An intersection in Ohio has caused many accidents in the past, and one of the most recent led to the death of a passeng...

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Ohio teen struck by driver with multiple previous violations

A 24-year-old Ohio driver is facing three misdemeanor charges for hitting a teenage girl in a school crosswalk this pas...

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Ohio truck accident caused by slow-moving truck

Eighteen-wheelers own the highways, whether they are going fast or slow. Accidents between these large trucks and cars,...

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Will a cure for spinal cord injuries ever come to pass?

Ohio residents with spinal cord injuries are just as anxious to see a cure for their injury as anyone. Spinal cord inju...

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Florida supreme court: Medical malpractice cap unconstitutional

Last week, the Florida Supreme Court struck down a $1 million cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases. ...

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New guidelines urge longer ‘wait and see’ period before C-sections

Cesarean-section births recently reached an all-time high in America, but new medical guidelines indicate that we may b...

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Ohio brain injuries are often permanent

When someone incurs a traumatic brain injury, there are no guarantees that the individual will ever be the same again. ...

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California considering raising malpractice cap; would Ohio?

Earlier this week we discussed how a Florida court ruling helps restore patients' rights after they suffer injuries fro...

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Ohio truck accidents could be curbed by critical event driver

Auto accidents of any kind can be devastating, but large truck accidents are often the worst kind. Most truck accidents...

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