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Ohio woman: Birth injuries killed my son

Obstetricians carry a significant amount of responsibility in making sure that children are born in a safe, healthy environment. They are also expected to provide adequate monitoring for all stages of pregnancy, ensuring that health problems do not lead to serious birth injuries, some of which might even lead to

Brain injury might lead to depression later in life

Suffering any type of injury is hard enough, but when that injury leads to problems later in life, the difficulty increases. Some injuries, such as concussions, can lead to mental health issues. Ohio residents might be interested to learn about the connection between multiple concussions and depression. An animal study

Man suffers from torn small intestine during surgery

Franklin, Ohioans are likely aware that surgeries have inherent risks. Even one that is completed perfectly can cause damage to a person, and side effects or complications are always possible. However, this differs significantly from a true medical mistake like this man faced after his surgery in 2002. According to


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