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Child faces wrongful death due tonsillectomy

Ohioans shouldn’t be strangers to routine medical procedures like tonsillectomies or wisdom tooth removal, but as you should know, it can go wrong. Most of the time, smaller things like breaking stitches won’t result in a wrongful death, but in this case, a routine tonsillectomy left one little girl brain

Sleeping motorist causing more Ohio crashes

State law enforcement officials have reported a frightening increase in the number of traffic accidents in Ohio resulting from drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. In 2012, drivers who fainted, felt tired, or outright fell asleep while driving cause a total of 1,415 vehicle crashes. This was up 13 percent

Telemedicine can reduce errors

Physicians have been consulting with each other since the practice of medicine began, but now the ability to get guidance, advice and discuss treatment options is coming in a new form: telemedicine. No longer relegated to just making telephone calls, a consultation can be a video conference and include the

Woman from Kenton sues over son’s death

If you’ve been to Lima, Ohio, you might be interested in hearing about this medical malpractice case that was recently launched against three doctors who allegedly didn’t deliver a baby in time to prevent his death. According to the news report, the medical mistake resulted in the death of the


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