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Ohio truck driver dies in fiery highway crash

A 59-year-old male truck driver from Jamestown, Ohio, died at the scene of a three-truck accident. The interstate highway crash occurred after the driver of a pickup truck pulling a rental trailer apparently lost control of his vehicle, causing it to veer across the median and ram head-on into the

Woman names multiple facilities and doctors in lawsuit

Though the standard of care is generally high in hospitals throughout the nation, residents of Franklin, Ohio, probably realize that mistakes can happen anywhere. In a medical setting, mistakes can range from purposeful neglect to failure to diagnose the right medical condition. When patients are injured as a result of

High school hockey player suffers serious injury

A 16-year-old high school hockey player suffered a serious injury during a weekend game. He received two fractured vertebrae, the type of injury that often results in more permanent spinal cord injuries. In this instance, fortunately, doctors say that the young player is expected to make a full recovery. In

Class-action tuberculosis suit targets hospital

A Las Vegas hospital is accused of exposing numerous patients, staff and visitors to tuberculosis, potentially endangering dozens of lives in the process. About 15 hospital workers have signed on as plaintifffs. Approximately one third of those individuals have developed active tuberculosis cases. Their attorney contends that the infection affected

Most kids don’t wear helmets during bike accidents

Bicycle accidents are a major cause of injuries among children in Ohio and nationwide. Such accidents are often the cause of serious Ohio brain injuries. Statistics in one study showed that approximately 89% of all children who get involved in accidents while riding their bikes were not wearing helmets on

Ohio women sue government for medical negligence

Two Ohio women recently submitted a medical malpractice claim, naming the federal government as the defendant. Both women lost their husbands due to prescription drug overdoses upon their return from active military duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both of the men received prescriptions for powerful painkillers and other medication after


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