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Married couple killed in accident with Ohio motorist

The investigation of the causes of the accident is ongoing. In many Ohio car accidents, speeding, drug or alcohol abus...

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Alleged medical malpractice leads to wrongful death in Ohio

If medical necessities arise, you want to trust that your doctors will care for you correctly. In this wrongful death c...

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Car crash caused teen’s traumatic brain injury

A 17-year-old high school junior suffered a serious injury in September in a car accident that kept him hospitalized fo...

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Driver arrested for fatal truck accident that killed 2

Federal marshals have arrested a truck driver for his involvement in a six-vehicle accident approximately a year ago th...

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Truck accident kills two in Ohio highway crash

A crash on a highway in Stonelick Township involving five vehicles took a heavy toll, leaving two men dead. The Ohio tr...

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Child receives $32.8 million payout for birth injuries

It's unfortunate, but injuries suffered at birth can be life altering and may not be reversible. In this case, birth in...

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Spine surgeon faces lawsuits in medical malpractice case

A medical mistake can lead to life-long consequences or death. Permanent injuries and pain and suffering is often the c...

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Surgical glove found in woman’s abdomen due to medical error

If you have to go through surgery or other procedures, you may be worried about accidents taking place. In this case, a...

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Parents file wrongful death suit against doctor in vet’s death

Losing a loved one is tragic in any circumstances. When family members feel that medical professionals could have preve...

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