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Parents file wrongful death suit against doctor in vet’s death

Losing a loved one is tragic in any circumstances. When family members feel that medical professionals could have preve...

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Police sued for abandoning man before car accident

Ohio police officers are being sued by the family of a man who died in a highway accident when he was struck by a passi...

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Ohio woman: Birth injuries killed my son

Obstetricians carry a significant amount of responsibility in making sure that children are born in a safe, healthy env...

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Passenger thrown from car in hit-and-run car accident

A passenger in a car in Cleveland, Ohio, was flung from the vehicle in an early morning hit-and-run car accident. Polic...

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Man suffers from torn small intestine during surgery

Franklin, Ohioans are likely aware that surgeries have inherent risks. Even one that is completed perfectly can cause d...

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Brain injury might lead to depression later in life

Suffering any type of injury is hard enough, but when that injury leads to problems later in life, the difficulty incre...

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New technology could help eliminate medication errors

Franklin, Ohio, residents should be aware that when you go to the hospital, pharmacy or other location for medical trea...

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Patients unable to eat again because of surgical errors

Imagine never being able to take a bite of food again. No Thanksgiving, no Christmas and no chocolates at Valentine's D...

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Teen declared brain dead after problems with routine surgery

Errors that occur before, during and after surgery range from the bizarre, such as leaving instruments in patients, to ...

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